CO2 Measurement & Water-Alternating-Gas Control

Enhanced oil recovery is a shared goal for all field technicians, engineers and executives. CO2 applications are a common method for increasing recovery. Whether you need to measure CO2 flow or inject it for a flood field, EnerSys can help.

Our proprietary NIST code algorithm ensures that yourflow computers can run density calculations quickly and in real time. We also enable you to perform full calculations, rather than lookups or partial calculations.

Our CO2FLO Computer provides:

  • Quick NIST14 calculations – calculates in seconds, not minutes
  • Accuracy – matches NIST references calculations to .001%
  • Industry-accepted standard – compliance with AGA orifice and turbine standards,and API 21.1
  • Flexibility to configure hardware for your various CO2 measurement needs
  • Division 1, Class 1 package
  • Iterative calculations rather than lookup tables and full 17-component gas analysis
  • Support for all phases of CO2 flow: gas, liquid and density
  • Storage of hourly and daily flow records, including total product mass, total product volume, average product density, average energy content, average temperature, average pressure and average differential

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