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Manage The Change

Throughout the process, there will be resistance to change from various stakeholders. Human behavior scientists define the dip in the Change Curve as the “Valley of Despair”, or Stage 4, in the following diagram. To minimize the “Valley of Despair”, the POEMS process incorporates numerous orientations, workshops, and training classes at each phase of the implementation.

manage the change

We have found that the best results are obtained through client inclusion and intensive training during each step of the POEMS process. Accordingly, education, training, and client involvement are critical parts of the POEMS process.

We make a vigorous effort to include the appropriate stakeholders at each stage of the POEMS process to ensure that they understand the significance of compliance with the PHMSA CRM rule,

the importance of recordkeeping and management of the daily and monthly documentation process, and the “why” and human factor science behind the key concepts of permission to operate and situational awareness, and what to expect when the process if fully implemented and operational.

In many cases, we duplicate the system on the Advanced Control Room Trainer (ACRT) and the controllers are trained weeks before the final system is operational.

Throughout the process, we work with our clients to implement continued learning and continual improvement.