PIC December 2023 Blog

A Year for Holistic, Continuous Improvement

2023 proved to be a very busy year full of rich client engagement, industry participation at events and conferences, and change for P.I. Confluence as an organization. In looking to the future and what 2024 holds for our team, we’re excited with the progress we’ve made and the changes we have adapted to throughout 2023.

POEMS® User Group Meeting

One of our most notable accomplishments in 2023 was the execution of the first annual in-person POEMS® User Group Meeting. Program Suite users met at the South Shore Harbour Resort & Convention Center near Houston, Texas in early November to discuss the roadmap for our suite of software tools. During the meeting, we discussed several upcoming and potential features aimed at improving the user experience and enhancing functionality. We also used this time to gather feedback that we are incorporating into our software roadmap. 

This meeting was a valuable chance to communicate with our clients, strengthen existing relationships, and cultivate new ones. We’re already working on our 2024 User Group Meeting, scheduled to take place from November 5-7, 2024. Based on some of the event feedback we gathered, we have extended the meeting length to include demonstrations and help desks for attendees. 

2024 UGM 1
Mark the date on your calendar so you can join us in discussions on our roadmap and industry best practices. This user meeting is a wonderful opportunity to submit feedback and provide input on the POEMS® Program Suite.

Team Updates

Halfway through 2023, P.I. Confluence said goodbye to Sheila Howard, a valuable member of the team and a wonderful person to have worked alongside. Her knowledge of the tools and ability to establish and maintain crucial relationships with our users played a pivotal role in the success of P.I. Confluence. Sheila’s hard work, consistency, and dedication to client success allowed P.I. Confluence to have a meaningful impact on the industry, and we will miss working with her.

Sheila is now enjoying more time with her family, and we’re so thankful for her contributions to P.I. Confluence over the last several years.

New Addition to the Team


We welcomed Darcy Madsen to the team to assist with compliance support. Darcy brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from the midstream industry, and her addition to the team has helped in our efforts to provide better, more continuous client support. 

Software & Updates

ICAM, our configurable cloud-based application, remains at the forefront of managing, scheduling, tracking, documenting, and reporting program execution. The tool provides a standardized approach to organizational requirements, encompassing process management, workflow, and communications. By allowing users to perform a complete Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle and supporting recordkeeping, quality assurance, and management of change, ICAM stands as a cornerstone in meeting PHMSA Integrity Management program requirements.

Throughout the year, we also provided process support to several clients. We’ve worked with clients to review existing process templates and refresh or update them to make them more user-friendly and accessible. We also collaborated with one client to configure and implement TIMP and DIMP program frameworks in 2023. Client collaboration played a pivotal role in shaping our software solutions, with ongoing feedback sessions during 2023 influencing positive changes and improvements.

Looking forward to 2024

Throughout 2023, we made several background improvements to our infrastructure and updates to our internal processes. All of these changes were necessary to set up the client-facing changes planned for 2024, including modernizing our ICAM interface. We’ll also be exploring internal development of off-the-shelf solutions for our ICAM software, applicable across all safety programs.

For 2024, our key strategic initiatives include continuing to develop our internal processes to improve our response time for client requests and tickets. We are also focused on refining our implementation process for our software products, and we will continue to revisit processes for improvement opportunities throughout the year. These initiatives will help us to ensure client success – in 2024, and into the future.

Cheers to a New Year!

As we express our gratitude to our clients for their trust and support, we eagerly anticipate the opportunities that 2024 will bring. P.I. Confluence remains committed to adding value to the industry through our blog and monthly newsletter, where we share insights and expertise, and we also look forward to meeting with you again at our 2024 POEMS® User group Meeting.

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season and a Happy New Year!

The P.I. Confluence Team

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