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    Position Title: Technical Writer
    Preferred Experience: 3-7 years
    Salary Range: Salary is commensurate with experience

    Overview: This is an intermediate-level technical writing position for a detail and process-oriented individual who has knowledge and experience in and around the oil and gas industry, software development, sales, and in supporting customer success. This role requires expert communication skills and the willingness to boldly use those skills towards the development of new documentation, processes, and programs, but also the ability to understand and improve existing documentation. It requires an organization builder first, and a writer second. The position requires strategic thought orientation in considering the broad and long term implications while preparing processes and documentation. This position will work under the head of Corporate Development and will serve the technical writing needs of EnerSys Corporation as well as Gas Certification Institute (GCI). This position will be based out of the southwest side of Houston, Texas, and can expect less than 10% travel time.

    Experience & Skills:
    Required (3+ Years):
    – Strategic thinking ability that can balance the long and short term aspects in decision making
    – Diagnosing client need (internal or external), analyzing potential solutions, and creating processes, framework, programs, and/or documentation
    – Ensuring successful adoption of created works
    – Translating subject matter expert material, including marketing material, into documentation that has clear value for end-users
    – Concurrent support of multiple business units
    – Maintenance of document database and performance of timely updates as required
    – Scheduling, organization, and facilitation of meetings where various resources are required
    – Communication of document/program/project status to key players and executives
    – Proficient in PCs and Microsoft Office Applications
    – Demonstration of soft skills relating to analytical problem solving, communication, and teamwork

    – Support of Sales Team (responding to requests for proposals, developing sales literature and process documents)
    – Management of related to oil and gas regulatory documentation and procedural manuals
    – Ability to write in CSS or HTML-based languages
    – Contract writing and review

    Work Culture:
    – Works well in a small team atmosphere
    – Motivated by, and excels in, a challenging, agile management system
    – Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
    – Persuasive in presentation and persistent in pursuing projects to completion
    Must have facilitated the growth of long-lasting and healthy client relationships


    Bachelor’s Degree in one of the following:
    – Communications (or equivalent)
    – English (or equivalent)
    – Journalism (or equivalent)
    Political Science (or equivalent)

    Bachelor’s Degree, and Graduate Degree, or Certification in one of the following:
    – Engineering
    – Business
    – Sales
    – Marketing
    Human Resources

    Responsibilities – Technical Writer

    EnerSys Corporation:
    – Create administrative documentation relating to standard operating procedures, roles and responsibilities, and key performance indicators
    – Develop documentation, forms, and processes to support the efficacy of the entire software development process
    – Author and maintain regulatory documents relating to Control Room Management and Pipeline Safety
    – Produce and maintain client facing support documentation including user tips and user guides
    – Assist with the creation of marketing material
    – Serve as a scribe during CRM, SCADA, and Alarm Management workshops

    Gas Certification Institute:
    – Manage standard operating procedures (SOPs) publishing process through final delivery
    – Prepare SOP documents for printing
    – Create and maintain ‘master’ SOP template documents
    – Suggest and implement SOP template improvements
    – Suggest and implement SOP publishing process improvements
    – Document SOP process and policies
    – Participate in SOP product maturity and delivery automation
    – Document annual SOP maintenance package delivery process
    – Maintain list of SOPs purchased by customer
    – Gather deliverables for annual maintenance packages
    – Suggest and implement SOP maintenance package deliverables improvements
    – Support timely and accurate delivery of packages

    General Responsibilities:
    – Proof and edit all outgoing materials for proper spelling and grammar and to ensure said documents are consistent with proper formatting conventions
    – Complete projects deliverables on time and on scope, while managing multiple projects
    – Other duties as required, and as determined to fit the job holders unique skill set
    – Prepare and submit weekly time and expense reports with costs appropriately coded to projects


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