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Getting Involved with Industry Events and Organizations

One of the best ways we’ve found to build and strengthen our relationship with the pipeline industry is through our involvement with organizations as active participants. Attending committee meetings, interacting with other professionals in the industry, and being a part of the conversation have helped us learn from one another for a better understanding of the problems you face in your day-to-day. 

In our experience, these gatherings provide a valuable platform for professionals to connect, learn, and collaborate with one another. By actively participating, we can all foster safety, perform more effectively, and propel the industry forward as a whole.

P.I. Confluence regularly attends AGA and API meetings or events. Previously, we’ve presented during the Spring API Conference (Spring 2022), and plan to continue our involvement into the future. 

Improve Stakeholder Engagement & Outreach Through Tools Built for API 1162 Efforts

Members of the P.I. Confluence team attended the AGA Spring Operations Conference, Committee meetings & exhibition in Grapevine, Texas earlier this month to take part in the committee meetings and network with professionals in the industry. 

About AGA: The American Gas Association (AGA) is an organization that represents over 200 energy companies that serve approximately 180 million Americans with natural gas services. Established in 1918, AGA’s main objectives include educating the public about the significance of natural gas, supporting utilities in their pursuit of safety, efficiency, and environmental sustainability, and providing valuable resources to policymakers at the local, state, and federal levels in regulating the natural gas industry.

Attending Events & Getting Involved

One of the primary advantages of getting involved with industry organizations and events is the opportunity to expand your knowledge and stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the field. Our focus is on fully understanding the challenges you face in your operation, and being present for these types of gatherings supports that goal. 

These conferences provide a platform for industry experts and thought leaders to share their insights and experiences, allowing attendees to gain valuable knowledge and learn from the best in the business. 

Additionally, these events offer a chance to gain new insights and perspectives on various aspects of the pipeline industry, whether it’s emerging technologies, regulatory changes, or innovative practices – all in an effort to push the industry further in the right direction, collectively.  

Industry Efforts: Driving Safety and Efficiency

A collective gathering of industry thought leaders and active participants presents an opportunity to leverage collective knowledge. It’s a time to share best practices, lessons learned, and unique solutions you’ve found in your organization. It’s also a time to come together to discuss, and potentially address, challenges the industry is facing in a collective manner. 

Ultimately, being present at these gatherings helps the industry continue to raise the bar in so many ways – particularly around safety management. Attendees have an opportunity to collaborate with other experts and learn from the experiences of others to develop and improve safety standards. 

We attend these meetings and events because we understand the importance of being involved. Our connection to the people of the industry is what enables us to deliver the most effective tools possible, and it’s important to our team to proactively join the conversation and take steps to improve the industry as a whole. 

Get Involved, Join the Conversation

By actively participating in industry organizations and attending industry events, you can help reinforce the importance of continuous learning and staying informed about our ever-evolving industry. 

This involvement also provides a platform for collaboration, which is essential in driving safety and effectiveness in pipeline operations. When industry professionals come together, sharing their knowledge, experiences, and best practices, we create a collective force that can propel the industry forward. 

We would encourage you to embrace the opportunities that the industry offers and be part of a collaborative effort to shape the future of the pipeline industry.

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