AGA & API 2023 Recap

Spring 2023 Conference Highlights

Members of the EnerSys team recently returned from both the 2023 AGA Operations Conference & Biennial Exhibition & Spring Committee Meetings in Grapevine, Texas and the 2023 API Pipeline Conference and Expo: Pipeline, Control Room and Cybernetics event in Nashville, Tennessee. 

During our time at the shows, we are grateful to have been able to engage many of you in conversation around the challenges and opportunities you are facing not only within your control room, but that we are facing as an industry on the whole.

In this month’s blog, we hope to share with you a glimpse of the education and collaboration that occurred, as well as point you to some resources based on the presentations we delivered.

AGA 2023

In addition to the conference exhibit where we had a dedicated EnerSys booth, members of our team also participated in Committee Meetings. We find that these gatherings are an excellent resource for all, and provide us an opportunity to collaborate on solutions and best practices with peers throughout the industry. This year’s topics ranged from Cybersecurity and TSA Regulations to the Rupture Mitigation Valve (RMV) Rule, as well as Control Room modernization.

We cannot stress enough the value of being involved with organizations like AGA and engaging with the committee meetings. They are a great place for community building and networking, as you work to build best practices to shepherd the industry forward. Many attendees expressed to us that, while each operation may be unique, many of the hurdles you’re facing are not, and so the relationships that are built in committee wind up supporting you even after the conference is over.

As part of the Gas Control Track at AGA, EnerSys General Manager, Ross Adams, presented:

  • “The Business Case for Control Room Management (CRM) Tools and AVEVA Enterprise SCADA/OASyS,”

The presentation discussed the hallmarks of a successful control room, and the systems required to achieve Natural Compliance. This means balancing control room tools with operational effectiveness and safety. Ross broke down the challenges and limitations that systems typically face when they either force control room tools into SCADA, or piecemeal control room tools together.

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On the other hand, the presentation defined the advantages of coupling an API RP 1165 compliant high performance HMI, with an all in one control room solution as it relates to improved automation, reporting capabilities, and cybersecurity benefits. Ultimately, integrating AVEVA/OASyS with a SCADA agnostic software platform designed specifically for the control room, such as CRM Suite, puts you in a position to optimize and continuously improve your Control Room Management Program.

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Download the Full Presentation HERE

As always, AGA was an excellent time, and we are already looking forward to seeing all of you at our EnerSys AGA Fall 2023 Happy Hour Kickoff leading up to our time in Pittsburgh from September 18th through the 22nd.

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API 2023

EnerSys CEO Russel Treat and VP of Business Development Dale Schafer were at the 2023 API Pipeline Conference and Expo in Nashville, Tennessee. It was a very busy few days full of meetings, demos, and presentations that we were delighted to be able to attend.

During his time at the conference, Russel presented two topics that were met with noticeable excitement, resulting in standing-room-only during both. 

  • In his first presentation, Russel focused on shift scheduling in the Control Room with his presentation “Effective Scheduling to Maintain Operations.”  

During this presentation, Russel covered some of the most common methods for building out control room schedules, common problems you run into when using those scheduling frameworks, the importance of identifying HOS limitations and adherence to regulatory requirements, as well as the benefits of tools, like CRMgr,  built specifically for oil and gas pipeline control rooms that you can implement. Especially when these tools support increased automation, effective staffing, and compliance-related documentation and record keeping.


Download the Full Presentation HERE

  • Later in the afternoon, Russel made his presentation “Simplifying Effective Control Room Alarm Management.” 

As part of this presentation, Russel covers the big reasons that alarm management has traditionally been a complicated practice, the problems that arise from that complication, as well as some best practices for how to simplify alarm management. He also discussed control-room-specific tools that help facilitate simplification and the benefits that are realized once those tools are implemented. 

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Download the Full Presentation HERE

While attending the API Conference, Russel Treat (also the host of the Pipeliners Podcast) hosted multiple conversations with industry professionals at the Pipeliners Podcast booth. Visit the Pipeliners Podcast YouTube channel for the full playlist of all the videos captured at API 2023. 

Connecting with You 

Ultimately, our attendance and participation in these events are a reflection of our commitment to improving and elevating the industry we are all involved with. By taking part in committee meetings and interacting with attendees, EnerSys has a deeper understanding of the challenges that operators and Control Room Managers face on a daily basis. 

During the most recent conferences, we connected with so many of you that took the time to walk us through your biggest hurdles – consolidating control room operations and procedures, responding to audits, or updating your Control Room Management Plan to better align with regulations, to name a few. 

While we understand that every operator is unique, we have software solutions aimed at addressing each critical area of the control room – regardless of your organization’s level of operating maturity. 

EnerSys can help you address many of the control room challenges you are facing:

If you’re ready to take the next step, or you didn’t get a chance to meet with us in person at these conferences, contact us now to schedule an introductory call with EnerSys. We would appreciate the opportunity to get to know your operation better so that we can recommend the solution that best fits your needs. We’re happy to walk you through our solutions so you can begin your journey to Natural Compliance

To schedule a consultation with our team, call us at 281-598-7100. Ask for EnerSys General Manager Ross Adams or VP Business Development Dale Schafer. You can also contact us via email at or complete our website contact form to get started.