EnerSys Corporation attending the AGA Fall 2021 Operations Conference October 4-8 in Florida

AGA Fall 2021 Preview: EnerSys Attending & Presenting at Conference

The team at EnerSys Corporation is looking forward to attending the 2021 AGA Fall Operations Conference in Florida. It has been far too long since we met with pipeline operators and regulatory managers in-person given the pandemic disruption. We are looking forward to seeing many of you October 4-8 in Kissimmee, Fla.

Our Participation in the AGA Fall 2021 Conference

This year’s event is an exhibition year held in conjunction with the conference. EnerSys will have an expanded booth presence in the exhibition hall to meet with more customers and hold conversations in a health-conscious manner.

Our expanded booth presence also reflects how our company is growing. We recently introduced a new component in our POEMS Control Room Management Suite (CRM Suite), the Muddy Boots Online software platform. We are also planning to release a new version of the ALMgr module in the CRM Suite that we will be discussing with customers.

Overall, we are preparing to meet with more operators and managers to discuss our central theme for this year of Natural Compliance. Our goal is to converse with pipeline leaders to gain a better understanding of how we can help you adopt Natural Compliance as a means of improving operational efficiency and always being prepared for a CRM audit.

This ties in with EnerSys CEO Russel Treat presenting during the AGA fall conference. Russel will be giving the following presentation: “Using Software to Support the Human Element in a Control Room Audit.

The presentation will address the challenge that many operators experience of trying to gain visibility into their compliance state in anticipation of an audit. Russel will help you understand how to overcome challenges stemming from a lack of resources, disorganization, lost records, a lack of interdepartmental cooperation, and the inability to trace policies and procedures to PHMSA rules, notices, and advisory bulletins.

Through the capabilities of today’s software tools, your operation can conquer these challenges, simplify and streamline compliance, and always be audit-ready. Essentially, software tools help solve the human element of gathering documents, validating activity in the control room, and restoring confidence to pass the audit. It’s all part of achieving Natural Compliance.

Set Up a Meeting Time With EnerSys at AGA Fall 2021

We would like to hear from you in advance of the AGA conference.

  • If you are planning to attend, please let us know by completing the form below so that we can expect to meet with you and set up an in-person meeting time.
  • If you are not planning to attend, but would like more information about our theme of Natural Compliance or would like access to Russel’s AGA presentation, you can also let us know by completing the form.

We are looking forward to seeing you again this October in Florida. To reach us directly, you can always call us at 281-598-7100 or email us at sales@enersyscorp.com to connect in advance of the AGA Fall 2021 conference.