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Aligning Our Products & Services with Pipeline SMS in 2020

In my 2019 year-end letter, I announced that EnerSys Corporation will be updating our software and services to align with Pipeline Safety Management Systems (Pipeline SMS). This includes the API Pipeline Safety Standards that are incorporated into the safety standards.

As a company, we believe this is an important step to support pipeline operators and midstream companies strive toward the industry-wide goal of zero incidents.

– Specifically in 2020, we will be focusing on aligning with the recommended practices for Control Room Management (API RP 1165, 1167, and 1168).

– We are also planning to align with additional elements of Pipeline SMS related to cybersecurity and leak detection (API RP 1164 and 1175).

Aligning with the Control Room Management Standards

Pipeline SMS incorporates three important API pipeline safety standards pertaining to control room management:

  • API 1165: Pipeline SCADA Displays
  • API 1167: Pipeline SCADA Alarm Management
  • API 1168: Pipeline Control Room Management

API 1165 is particularly important this year because of the anticipated update to the recommended practice that will bring the standard for HMI displays into alignment with the latest technology.

The update to RP 1165 is expected to have a positive impact on the pipeline control room by providing controllers with tools to make more informed decisions.

Once the updated RP is released and implemented in your control room, controllers will have more vigilance time, more clarity about critical tasks, and access to timely and accurate information to make real-time decisions. The result is reduced risk of pipeline incidents to align with the objective of Pipeline SMS to achieve zero incidents.

Our Turn: In 2020, we plan to update our software to help pipeline operators align with the updated RP 1165 through the delivery of a modern HMI philosophy, style guide, and design guide.

API 1167 provides operators with the recommended practices in the development, implementation, and maintenance of an effective Alarm Management program. This is an important step for many operators advancing from alarm rationalization to an all-encompassing Alarm Management program.

The onus is on operators to determine which combination of SCADA system and Alarm Management software will support their specific alarm-related functions to drive toward zero incidents.

Our Turn: In 2020, we will be adapting our control room management software to ensure that operators have the tools they need to effectively implement, update, and maintain their Alarm Management program on their chosen SCADA platform.

API 1168 provides an overview of the pipeline safety recommendations in the control room, including guidelines for roles & responsibilities, shift handover, fatigue mitigation, workload management, and training. These recommendations should align with your internal policies & procedures that guide decision-making in the control room.

When viewed through the lens of Pipeline SMS, API 1168 becomes a critical tool to establish the right culture that supports pipeline safety in the control room. Once the right culture is in place, control room personnel should follow with the right habits, attitudes, and behaviors that lead to natural compliance with safety standards.

Our Turn: In 2020, we plan to update our services to support operators build the right culture that supports pipeline safety. For our software, we plan to continue offering the same value to operators through reliable recordkeeping, shift handover, workload monitoring, compliance support, and audit readiness.

Aligning With the Cybernetics Standards

Pipeline SMS includes two additional API Pipeline Safety Standards related to cybernetics:

  • API 1164: Pipeline SCADA Security
  • API 1175: Pipeline Leak Detection

In 2020, we plan to expand our offerings through the remainder of the cybernetics section of Pipeline SMS to support cybersecurity and leak detection for pipeline operators.

API 1164 is the SCADA security standard that provides guidance on how operators should protect their SCADA systems, infrastructure, and data.

This recommended practice is growing in importance because of increased cybersecurity threats and attacks that pose risk to operators. For operations to remain safe in alignment with Pipeline SMS, operators need to ensure their security practices are constantly reviewed, maintained, and updated to withstand new and emerging threats.

Our Turn: We have traditionally focused on the control room management aspects related to Pipeline SMS. In 2020, we will be working to increase our domain of knowledge to support operators with cybersecurity challenges.

API 1175 outlines the recommended practices for establishing a Leak Detection program and how to manage the program. The program is designed to minimize the size and resulting consequences of leaks to support pipeline safety.

Notably, API 1175 includes guidelines on the people aspect of leak detection. While the processes and technology in leak detection are critical, the people involved in leak detection are directly involved in supporting pipeline safety.

One way to evaluate the quality of your Leak Detection program is performing a gap analysis to determine whether there are deficiencies in your people, processes, or technology. A gap analysis will establish a starting point for addressing shortages that need to be addressed in your operation to reduce risk and enhance safety.

Our Turn: As we continue to grow our expertise in the cybernetics portion of Pipeline SMS, we will be equipped to help operators with an API 1175 Gap Analysis. Then, through our consulting services, we will be able to work with your team to help establish the right culture that optimizes your people, processes, and technology to execute the Leak Detection program safely, efficiently, and consistently.

Work with EnerSys to Align with Pipeline SMS in 2020

We look forward to a successful year updating our software and services to better support operators with their implementation of Pipeline SMS.

Current customers should follow up with our team for more information on updates to our Control Room Management (CRM) Suite to enhance the delivery of EnerSys software and services.

Not an EnerSys customer? We would appreciate the opportunity to keep the conversation going about our software and services to support your operation or company.

To schedule a call with our team, contact us directly on our website, via email at sales@enersyscorp.com, or by phone at 281-598-7100.