EnerSys introduces new software features to support pipeline Alarm Management for pipeline operators

ALMgr: Announcing New Features to Support Pipeline Alarm Management

Throughout 2021, our team has been hard at work on a new software update to the ALMgr module in our POEMS™ Control Room Management software suite (CRM Suite). We focused on enhancing the module to support the latest pipeline Alarm Management needs of operators.

ALMgr is specifically designed for operators to conform to the requirements of API 1167 (Pipeline SCADA Alarm Management) for using a SCADA platform to support their Alarm Management program.

Using the software, pipeline operators can quickly generate various analytical reports, perform risk-based alarm rationalization to support effective alarming in the control room, and expedite the entire alarm rationalization process.

ALMgr also supports the safety program needs of operators. The software captures and presents safety-related alarms, generates Alarm Response Sheets that help each controller quickly and effectively respond to alarms presented to them, and helps to identify corrective action relating to bad actor alarms.

The latest update to ALMgr includes functionality and feature improvements to simplify your Alarm Management program, not only for compliance purposes, but also to support ongoing program improvements.

New Features in ALMgr to Support Pipeline Alarm Management

The ALMgr module already includes functionality for risk based-rationalization, identification of safety-related alarms, monthly analytical reporting, and configuration KPIs vs. activation KPI analysis.

The new update to ALMgr includes the following new features and functionality to provide greater usability for control room managers and controllers:

  • Interactive Alarm Activation KPIs with advanced filtering.
  • Printable Alarm Response Sheets for each controller / console.
  • Ability to perform API 1167-style Alarm Flood Analysis.
  • Risk Matrix functionality — apply changes to all rationalized alarms.
  • Report showing alarm activations for unrationalized alarms or unmapped points.
  • Report comparing imported point/alarm configuration against rationalized alarms.

For control room managers: the new features simplify the required monthly alarm activity analysis reporting, enable managers to address alarms that were not rationalized by quickly seeing what was missed, create detailed reports by console or operating area, and intelligently analyze each controller’s response to abnormal operating conditions (AOCs).

Managers can also use the new report comparing point/alarm configurations against rationalized alarms to identify gaps between their SCADA system and our POEMS software platform. If they are not aligned, then we can expedite a resolution using the report.

For controllers: the new features enable faster access to Alarm Response Sheets to streamline alarm response, controllers can rapidly communicate bad actors to management, and controllers will see improvements in their ability to achieve situational awareness.

Schedule a Demo of the Enhanced ALMgr Software Module

For current users of ALMgr, we look forward to rolling out the new enhancements to support your operation’s use of the software. We will contact you directly to discuss introducing the new features and functionality.

For customers that currently do not use the ALMgr module, or if you are not a current EnerSys customer, we encourage you to schedule a demo of the module. Use the form below to let us know of your interest. We are confident that the module will provide you with complete support for your pipeline Alarm Management program.

You can also call us at 281-598-7100 to schedule an educational demo with our team, email sales@enersyscorp.com, or complete our website contact form to inquire about a demo. Ask for EnerSys General Manager Ross Adams or VP Business Development Dale Schafer.