EnerSys Corporation hosted a lunch and learn for pipeline professionals to discuss solutions for natural compliance in the pipeline control room

API & AGA 2021 Conference Recaps: Access Our Control Room Materials

As part of our commitment to engaging with pipeline operators, industry stakeholders, and current customers, our team participated in two key industry conferences during the Spring 2021 season.

While we look forward to making in-person connections once again, we made use of available technology to facilitate education and conversation around key issues for the pipeline control room during these conferences:

Each event provided us with an opportunity to discuss how the combination of tools and subject matter expertise enables the pipeline control room to organically flow into safe and compliant operations. This is what we call natural compliance.

Natural compliance is achieved when control rooms are optimized to operate in alignment with the PHMSA Control Room Management Rule (CRM Rule), recordkeeping naturally happens in the background as the work is performed, and necessary documentation is produced to satisfy a PHMSA audit or inspection.

We would appreciate the opportunity to further discuss establishing a naturally compliant pipeline control room in your operation. We will readily discuss this topic with your team and can also further review our presentation notes from each of the following conference events.

API 2021 Conference: Preparing for a PHMSA Inspection

On Tuesday, April 27th, Russel Treat presented to the API audience on the key aspects of preparing the control room for a virtual audit or inspection. The points for those involved in the audit process are the need to understand (a) the purpose of the audit and (b) how to arrive at the intersection of what PHMSA is looking for and what the operator needs to provide to verify compliance with the CRM Rule.

  • PHMSA perspective: PHMSA is seeking to verify safe operations through compliance to your operation’s safety program.
  • Operator perspective: The operator needs to demonstrate compliance with minimum effort.

How do you support both objectives? Intuitive software tools. EnerSys provides tools in our POEMS Control Room Management Suite (CRM Suite) that enable operators to operate in a way that how you do the work and how you record the work is naturally compliant with PHMSA requirements.

When operators achieve natural compliance in the control room, then satisfying a PHMSA inspection — especially a virtual inspection — becomes streamlined, simplified, and effortless. No more scrambling for documents or wasting manpower trying to retrieve records. Now you can readily produce accurate and complete records that satisfy each inspection question.

Interested to find out more? We are making our API 2021 presentation information available to interested parties. Complete the form at the bottom of this article or contact us directly to request the presentation notes.

AGA 2021 Spring Conference: Regulatory Compliance Concerns

On Thursday, April 29th, the EnerSys team hosted a lunch and learn with pipeline professionals and regulatory stakeholders during the AGA 2021 spring committee meetings.

Our presentation centered on how the POEMS CRM Suite, Muddy Boots integration, and associated tools from P.I. Confluence deliver value to operators through a comprehensive solution that supports each regulatory area of a pipeline control room. Specifically, we highlighted how our tools address key constraints that operators face attempting to meet regulatory requirements:

  • Regulatory compliance and audit readiness
  • Documentation and recordkeeping
  • Change management
  • Work order task management
  • Siloing during remote work era

During this era of more frequent and more involved PHMSA inspections, we provided key insights on how our tools practically help operators satisfy questions during an inspection or an audit. This reflects our mission as a company to help operators produce necessary documents and records, achieve audit readiness, and maintain compliance as part of your natural order of business.

Interested to find out more? We are making our AGA Spring 2021 presentation available to interested parties. Complete the form at the bottom of this article or contact us directly to request the recording of the presentation.

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Our team is committed to providing pipeline operators and control room managers with the appropriate tools to achieve your control room goals by operating safely and in compliance with regulations. We make it easier to achieve these goals through our tools combined with subject matter expertise.

We would appreciate the opportunity to further discuss the content of each of these spring conference presentations highlighting the value we can provide to operators. Complete the form below to request our resources from API, AGA, or both conferences.

You can also reach us directly to follow up on either presentation by calling 281-598-7100 or emailing sales@enersyscorp.com. We look forward to helping you achieve natural compliance in 2021 and beyond.