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Why Our Approach to Software Implementation?

The EnerSys Approach

Your Trusted Partner to Achieve Pipeline Operations Excellence

EnerSys is committed to incremental success with each step of implementing the POEMS software solution. We accomplish this objective through our systematic approach to capturing the pipeline operating experience, understanding each customer’s unique challenges for operating a safe and reliable pipeline, and assisting pipeline operators to continually improve operations.

What sets POEMS apart is a compelling combination of technology, consultation, facilitation, and education. Throughout the POEMS implementation and operational process, EnerSys provides educational orientations, workshops, and training sessions to improve the user experience and ensure understanding.

To bring this information to life, we focus on the science behind the “why” driving the need for pipeline operations excellence. When operators and users understand the value of implementing these changes, your team will buy in and have the confidence to execute their role in a high-performing pipeline operation.

Compliance Capabilities
EnerSys specializes in the implementation of high-performance, PHMSA CRM-compliant control rooms for pipeline operators by leveraging in-depth knowledge of pipeline operations, control room procedures, alarm rationalization processes, SCADA practices, and the latest PHSMA 49 CFR regulations.
Consulting Capabilities
EnerSys collaborates with industry leaders to understand best practices and determine how pipeline operators can effectively implement these practices to fit their unique needs. We share this knowledge with pipeline operators to establish procedures and utilize tools to reliably and safely operate a pipeline control room.

The Standard POEMS Process


  • Orientation of POEMS software suite with all stakeholders.
  • Understand the steps to implement POEMS.
  • Understand each stakeholder’s responsibility in POEMS.
  • Establish the execution timeline to implement POEMS.

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  • Align Plans, Procedures & Policies with PHSMA requirements.
  • Update Control Room Management Plans.
  • Update Control Room Policy & Procedures.
  • Rationalize the alarms.
  • Design and build HMI and SCADA.
  • FAT, install, test and commission, SAT, and train.

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  • Complete POEMS implementation.
  • Ensure personnel are well trained.
  • Begin operating POEMS system.
  • Learn from operating.
  • Share lessons learned.

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  • Review alarm analytics.
  • Review regulatory updates.
  • Analyze lessons learned.
  • Document opportunities to improve.
  • Implement software updates & enhancements.
  • Meet to gather feedback (included in POEMS).
  • Facilitate and assist with the refinement process.

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Manage the Change
  • Continue meeting with stakeholders to collaborate & maximize POEMS value.
  • Host refresher orientations, workshops & training classes.
  • Available to assist with pipeline operations challenges.
  • Remain industry leader by staying current on regulatory requirements.
  • Incorporate latest technology and knowledge.
  • Generate Return on Investment (ROI) from complete software suite.

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