The Business Case for Control Room Management Tools and AVEVA Enterprise SCADA/OASyS

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The Business Case for Control Room Management Tools and AVEVA Enterprise SCADA/OASyS

Many pipeline operators in North America rely on AVEVA Enterprise SCADA for control room management, but other outdated CRM tools still in use by the operators pose challenges. Integrating AVEVA Enterprise SCADA with software tools built for the control room, like the EnerSys POEMS CRM Suite, enhances control room efficiency and ensures compliance with evolving regulations.

The Business Case for Control Room Management Tools and AVEVA Enterprise SCADA/OASyS

To optimize Control Room Management, we recommend integrating AVEVA/OASyS with a software platform designed specifically for comprehensive Control Room Management. This way, controllers can perform tasks efficiently and support safety while retaining records in compliance with the PHMSA Control Room Management regulations (49 CFR 192.631 and 195.446).

Download this white paper from EnerSys to learn more about the benefits of integrating an optimized toolset within your control room. 

Key Takeaways

  • Seamless Integration: AVEVA Enterprise SCADA and POEMS CRM Suite integration creates a unified pipeline management workflow.
  • API RP 1165 Compliance: This integration ensures compliance with SCADA system requirements outlined in API RP 1165.
  • Improved Alarm Management: POEMS CRM Suite enhances alarm rationalization and analysis, supporting efficient compliance.
  • Point-to-Point Verification: The integration guarantees data accuracy, boosting controller confidence and business continuity.
  • Workload Analysis: Monitor controller workload and proactively address safety concerns.
  • Hours of Service and Scheduling: Streamline controller scheduling and ensure compliance with Hours of Service.
  • Enhanced Documentation: Eliminate data silos for streamlined compliance documentation.
  • Achieve Natural Compliance: Strengthen compliance readiness and promote operational effectiveness.

Integrating AVEVA Enterprise SCADA with POEMS CRM Suite optimizes control room management, ensures compliance, and enhances operational efficiency. Download our paper to learn more and take the first step in streamlining your control room operations.

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