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Area of Operations – A Key Concept in POEMS

AoO Saves Time and Money Unlike petrochemical plants, pipelines are unique because they have many Areas of Operations ("AoO") that are virtually identical; for example,…

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POEMS Enhances Pipeline Control Room Operations

POEMS enhances control room operations with: Full compliance to CRM rule E-logging and strict shift handover process per API 1168 Compliance document storage with extensive…

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Direct Financial Benefits of POEMS

POEMS enables pipeline operators to implement highly effective control room operations going beyond the SCADA HMI to achieving operations objectives using minimum resources, which in…

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The Intelligent Operator Console

Benefits Improve operational efficiency Ensure accurate operator responses Operate from central control or remote sites reducing need for 24/7 coverage Instant information for pipeline status,…

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SCADA Alarm Management Software Process

As part of the implementation of ALMgr, EnerSys delivers an alarm philosophy document. To tailor the alarm philosophy to the unique need of the operator,…

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