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IOC Historian Tutorial

This video contains a walk through tutorial on how to use the IOC Historian. This display is used for viewing historical data throughout the SCADA system…

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Why a new UI Approach for CRMgr?

Scott Williams, our Product Development Manager, has been working diligently for months to prototype a major upgrade to CRMgr. Beginning next week (Jan 5), Scott…

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CRMgr Roadmap – Controller Log Entry

This video is a walkthrough of the prototype for making controller log entries in the next generation of CRMgr. After watching, please add any comments…

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ALMgr Tutorial – Alarm Lists

This tutorial is a walkthrough of using the Alarm List feature of ALMgr to research the details of what you see on an Alarm Activation KPI report.…

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Combining Regulated & Non-Regulated Pipe in a Control Room

What are the considerations when combining regulated and non-regulated pipe in a pipeline control room? Or possibly more to the point, what about combining non-regulated…

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