Byron Coy - Industry Expert and Retired PHMSA Senior Technical Advisor

Industry Expert Byron Coy Joins EnerSys Regulatory Advisory Team

EnerSys is delighted to announce the appointment of retired PHMSA senior technical advisor Byron Coy to its regulatory advisory team. Mr. Coy’s experience and subject matter expertise strengthens the company’s capabilities to deliver safety and operations improvements to the pipeline industry through the company’s Pipeline Operations Excellence Management System (POEMS®).

With a rich background in pipeline operations, pipeline safety, and PHMSA control room regulations in particular, Mr. Coy’s deep understanding of industry trends, regulations, and best practices enhances EnerSys’s ability to help pipeline operators improve their work processes, regulatory compliance, and safety performance.

Advancing the Industry

“We firmly believe that the addition of Byron to the EnerSys team will support our mission to improve pipeline safety and operations effectiveness,” says Russel Treat, CEO, “by deepening our knowledge of PHMSA regulatory requirements and by understanding the ‘why’ behind the regulations, we expect EnerSys to drive innovation and improvement in pipeline regulatory compliance and safety performance.”

In the role of Principal Regulatory Consultant, Mr. Coy will provide technical leadership to the EnerSys team to deliver control room management (CRM) related services, and support our affiliate companies in all areas of pipeline safety compliance. 

The addition of Mr. Coy to the EnerSys team significantly increases the company’s capabilities. With this addition to our growing team at EnerSys, we are eager to continue in our commitment to support pipeline operators to improve their operations and safety performance.

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ABOUT ENERSYS CORPORATION: EnerSys specializes in pipeline operations and related control room best practices to provide pipeline operators with the tools they need to comply with the control room management requirements of PHMSA 49 CFR 192.631 and CFR 195.446.

ABOUT ENERACT ENERGY SERVICES, INC.: EnerACT, the parent company of EnerSys Corporation, delivers integrated software tools and related subject matter expertise to the oil and gas pipeline industry to improve operations and safety performance. The primary vehicle is the POEMS® (Pipeline Operations Excellence Management System) software platform.

ABOUT POEMS® CERTIFIED TOOLS: POEMS Certified software tools have passed a rigorous development process to meet the evolving needs of operators to support pipeline safety, regulatory and compliance requirements, control room operations, and field operations.

ABOUT NATURAL COMPLIANCE: Natural Compliance occurs when the systems used in pipeline operations to perform the work follow an operator’s procedures and naturally create records, resulting in regulatory compliance.