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How do you assure procedure traceability (control room management plans, integrity management plans, etc.) back to audit protocols, Federal Regulations and best practice standards?

EnerSys have been examining this challenge for some time and will be introducing a new component to the POEMS solution soon.  We call it Compliance Manager (ComplyMgr).  This POEMS add-on module will provide:

  • Traceability of your procedures to the applicable audit protocols, assuring that each line item in an audit protocol is addressed.
  • Link sections of your procedures to the specific sections of the audit protocol, Federal Regulations, and best practices (i.e API 1168, AI 1755, ISA 18.02 etc.)
  • Provide a single data repository for all documents
  • Simplify tracking changes in the regulations to determine which policy and procedure is impacted.

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Russel Treat

Russel Treat is an industry leader, software entrepreneur, podcaster, and trusted subject matter expert specializing in oil and gas pipeline operations, custody transfer measurement, leak detection, and automation. Russel’s extensive knowledge of pipeline and control room operations gained over 30 years of projects led to the creation of a complete software suite known as POEMS ™ (Pipeline Operations Excellence Management System) delivered through EnerSys Corporation.

As CEO of EnerSys, Russel is committed to delivering the highest value to pipeline operators by addressing their greatest needs and concerns, especially operational efficiency, safety and government regulation.

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