ComplyMgr: Elevating Pipeline Safety Document Management for Regulatory Managers

We often hear from regulatory compliance managers about the challenges that come with creating and managing a whole spectrum of internal documentation in a way that aligns with external pipelines safety requirements and regulations.

Internal documentation includes resources such as your Control Room Management Plan, Integrity Management Plan, or Alarm Management Philosophy.

External requirements/regulations include regulations (such as the CRM Rule), audit protocols, and recommended practices (which are oftentimes incorporated by reference) such as API 1165, API 1167, API 1168, API 1755, and ISA 18.2.

The initial challenge for a regulatory compliance manager is ensuring that internal documentation accounts for the requirements of each regulation, inspection protocol, recommended practice, standard, company policy, and/or best practice.

Then, once a document has been distributed and implemented, it often becomes difficult to manage these internal documents in such a way that they are audit-ready, as the external requirements/regulations (and even your operating approach) change over time.

To help manage these challenges, EnerSys Corporation has developed the ComplyMgr tool as the first installment of the POEMS Compliance Management Suite software.

How Does ComplyMgr Ensure Alignment with Pipeline Safety Rules?

When it’s time for an audit, the inspector will be looking for two main things:

(1) That your internal documentation is in-step with applicable regulatory requirements.

(2) That your company has properly implemented program requirements as established in your internal documentation, and that evidence exists demonstrating the implementation.

From start to finish, ComplyMgr makes document creation, implementation, and audit-ready document management a pain-free experience for all those involved, especially the regulatory compliance manager.

Creation: ComplyMgr helps operators achieve compliance by linking sections of your internal documentation to specific sections of external regulations/requirements and to other relevant supporting documents (e.g. FAQs). This provides assurance to your regulatory compliance manager that your internal documents adhere to the regulatory requirements and practice guidelines.

Implementation: ComplyMgr allows documents to be published into the POEMS Document Library, which means that the delivery and implementation of new internal documents is fast, effective, and easily managed. Additionally, past revisions are stored for inspection purposes. Furthermore, existing POEMS tools allow the regulatory compliance manager to assign these documents to relevant parties in the control room.

Audit-Ready Management: ComplyMgr allows the regulatory compliance manager to score the compliance state of their internal documentation based on the linked audit protocol, provide the rationale for the scoring, and create an action item list for proposed corrective actions.

The Complete Functionality of ComplyMgr to Address Regulatory Challenges

The ComplyMgr tool allows you to dive into the details without getting lost. Our software tool allows you to organize all of the documentation in a single data repository.

Overall, we believe that ComplyMgr is the right tool for pipeline safety document management:

  • Supports the creation, implementation, and audit-ready management of regulatory-required internal documents.
  • Provides an audit support and preparation tool for regulatory compliance managers.
  • Maintains the integrity of internal documentation for pipeline operations.
  • Promotes continuous improvement of regulatory programs for pipeline operators.

We would like to schedule a demo with you to review the complete functionality of the ComplyMgr software tool — whether you are a current customer who wants to add this tool or a prospective customer who is interested in utilizing our software.

To schedule a brief, no-obligation demo with our team, please complete our contact form, email us at, or call us directly at 281-598-7100.