EnerSys POEMS ComplyMgr supports pipeline control room audit preparation to validate alignment with control room management regulations

How Regulatory Managers Can Efficiently Verify Control Room Compliance

Pipeline regulatory compliance managers have a tremendous amount of responsibilities implementing and maintaining pipeline safety programs in accordance with state and federal regulations.

This includes facilitating PHMSA pipeline audits and inspections for the entire operation, as well as the pipeline control room. We understand the challenges that regulatory managers face coordinating audit preparation activities and retrieving records from various sources to prepare audit packages for use during the audit.

That’s why EnerSys Corporation introduced a new software tool, POEMS ComplyMgr, that allows pipeline compliance and regulatory teams to verify that each section of the Control Room Management Plan (CRMP) and recordkeeping is in alignment PHMSA regulations, rules, FAQ’s, and Inspection Questions.

Why Regulatory Managers Should Utilize POEMS ComplyMgr

POEMS ComplyMgr includes numerous features and benefits designed specifically to create efficiencies for regulatory managers to support pre-audit activity.

All PHMSA resources are pre-loaded. This includes the Control Room Management Rule (CRM Rule) sections 192.631 for natural gas and 195.446 for hazardous liquids. We also pre-load PHMSA inspection questions, FAQ’s, and other documents pertaining to control room regulations.

Link together the CRMP and CRM Rule. We make it easy to upload and link your operation’s internal CRMP to each section of the external CRM regulations, FAQs, and inspection questions.

Analyze control room management regulations compliance. ComplyMgr allows you to quickly conduct a policy compliance review for each section in the CRMP against its specific regulation, FAQ’s, and audit questions.

Validate pipeline control room management compliance. Utilizing our software, you can compare “what you say you will do” to see if your operation’s control room fully complies with PHMSA requirements.


Added Support to Close Gaps and Perform a Mock Audit

During audit preparation, you may realize that certain aspects of your internal documentation are not fully aligned with PHMSA requirements. ComplyMgr can help you identify gaps, close gaps, and take corrective actions.

Then, if you need to modify your documents to meet PHMSA’s requirements, a Corrective Action Plan Report is built into ComplyMgr to simplify the management of change process. This will create tremendous time-savings as you attempt to facilitate change with limited available time and resources.

We also help regulatory managers facilitate a final review of audit preparation information and documentation prior to the actual audit date. Use ComplyMgr to perform a mock audit to confirm that “you are doing what you said you would do.” This is critical because the PHMSA inspector will be looking to verify that you have appropriate policies and that your operation followed through with the implementation of the policies.


Schedule an Educational Demo of ComplyMgr

We are currently scheduling educational demonstrations of the ComplyMgr software module with regulatory managers. We will listen to your current challenges preparing for a PHMSA inspection and show how you ComplyMgr can help streamline and simplify audit preparation efforts for your control room.

We encourage you to watch this brief, 2-minute video preview of ComplyMgr in action. Then, complete the form to schedule your demo with our team.

Alternatively, reach out directly to our team to schedule a demo. Contact Dale Schafer at dschafer@enersyscorp.com or by phone at 281-598-7100.