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ComplyMgr Selected as Finalist for Best Management Advancement Tech | PHMSA Audit Prep

Pipeline & Gas Journal will conduct its second-annual awards program on November 17th, in Houston, Texas. This event honors midstream leaders for their innovations and contributions to the midstream industry.

Pipeline & Gas Journal Awards 2022

The Pipeline & Gas Journal Awards brings together prominent members of the midstream community to recognize their accomplishments, innovations, and personal contributions to the industry. The event will take place at the Westin Galleria Houston on November 17th, 2022.

Best Management Advancement Technology Finalist

ComplyMgr, part of the POEMS® Program Suite, has been named a finalist in the Best Management Advancement Technology category.

The award recognizes a pipeline-related advancement in technology during the year that improves management practices by advancing methodology or improving other efficiencies.


Close the Loop on Recordkeeping Through ComplyMgr and CRM Suite

Our software tool, ComplyMgr, not only captures the processes for each pipeline operation, but also helps operators understand what records need to be kept and how the records need to be kept.

ComplyMgr enables operators to achieve audit readiness through comprehensive management of the PHMSA audit process. It streamlines pipeline compliance management and includes a centralized document repository for managing your organization’s governing documentation – policies and related procedures and forms.

Another product from EnerSys, the POEMS® Program Suite, helps close the loop by producing the records that will satisfy all PHMSA inspection requests, ensuring that your operation passes the PHMSA audit with no findings. Once you’ve achieved Natural Compliance, the POEMS® Program Suite automatically generates records to validate that your operation did what you said you were going to do. 

Identify any program weaknesses using the standard PHMSA question sets to develop a robust corrective action plan. ComplyMgr generates a report containing analytics and data for a detailed breakdown of where the operator’s program stands to improve, and where the program is doing well.

ComplyMgr is also a document revision tool, so closing gaps in policy is streamlined. ComplyMgr users can view corrective actions as they edit their program documents. 

Compliance Review results are displayed within the ComplyMgr document editor, detailing any corrective actions, allowing operators to easily incorporate corrective actions into the specific section of the program documents.

Using ComplyMgr You’ll Be Able To:

  • Automate Control Room Compliance
  • PHMSA Audit prep to gain confidence in your programs and the ability to pass.
  • Perform self-assessments that enable operators to identify:
    • Gaps in written policy versus what is required by PHMSA
    • Gaps in implementation versus PHMSA requirements
    • Gaps in recordkeeping practices versus what PHMSA requires.
  • Document Your Pipeline Program Compliance
    • ComplyMgr provides pipeline operators and regulatory managers with the tools they need to document their pipeline programs and their compliance with regulations (e.g. PHMSA).
  • Confidently answer the question, “Did you do what you said you would do?” when performing annual program reviews and preparing for the audit.

And most importantly: have a comprehensive understanding of where your program’s gaps are in advance of the audit, and develop an audit cheat sheet to easily answer all inspection questions.

More About P.I. Confluence

P.I. Confluence (PIC), part of the EnerACT Energy Services family, provides a complete Governance Management System for managing your program, processes, workflow, communications, and information exchange in pipeline operations. 

Their software tools are all POEMS™ Certified. The POEMS™ Program Suite consists of web-based process management software tools to validate and manage your pipeline program and processes.

P.I. Confluence | Our Solutions

P.I. Confluence History

With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, we have earned the trust of pipeline operators through the provision of governance management systems to facilitate quality management and performance effectiveness. Consider our recent history advancing the capabilities of operators to manage their programs.

  • 2003 – ICAM introduced to support U.S. Pipeline Safety Improvement Act.
  • 2005 – PIC was incorporated to manage ICAM.
  • 2011 – pSEc introduced to manage stakeholder engagement.
  • 2015 – Suite of software tools created to provide governance control system.
  • 2020 – PIC acquired by EnerACT Energy Services.
  • 2021 – Introduced Program Suite (POEMS ComplyMgr and ProgramMgr).

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