Ready to Stop Wasting Time Gathering PHMSA Compliance Documents?

Earlier this year, we released our newest software module to support compliance in pipeline operations, POEMS ComplyMgr. We have been pleased by the early feedback from EnerSys customers who have benefited from utilizing this tool to simplify compliance.

“The tool is a gamechanger in terms of how efficient it makes the process,” one customer told us after implementing ComplyMgr to manage their regulatory compliance efforts.

For too long, pipeline operators and regulatory managers have wasted valuable time trying to gather together their documents, records, and teams to satisfy audits of pipeline operations. Most of the time, this has been done by hand, introducing irregularities. That’s why we built ComplyMgr to automate compliance management and create a single source for all relevant information required to complete the audit.

Not only do we provide a software solution to streamline compliance efforts, we also offer consultative support to maximize your use of the ComplyMgr tool.

How We Help Operators Effectively Use ComplyMgr

You may be accustomed to software providers delivering a software solution, then leaving your team on your own to figure out how to utilize the software. That’s not the case with EnerSys. We walk you through the entire process — pre-implementation consultation, implementation, and ongoing use — to ensure operational effectiveness.

We have heard from customers how important it is to work with a software provider that is committed to ensuring that their team achieves understanding of how to use tools. That’s our goal to help your team understand exactly how to utilize ComplyMgr for audit support and how you can realize the most benefit from investing in the software.

We follow these critical steps to ensure effective use of the software to support regulatory compliance in your operation:

  • Set up ComplyMgr according to your operation’s profile.
  • Load PHMSA resources (49 CFR regulations, FAQs, inspection questions, notices, and advisory bulletins).
  • Upload and link your safety program documents and policies and procedures.
  • Help compare each section in your documents against PHMSA rulemaking and inspection questions.
  • Confirm that “what you say you will do” complies with PHMSA requirements.
  • Identify gaps between your internal documents and external requirements.
  • Work toward modifying internal documents through a Corrective Action Plan.
  • Organize all records in one place to support easy retrieval of documents.
  • Utilize ComplyMgr to perform a mock audit to prepare for the real audit.
  • Come alongside your team to support a real audit.

Additionally, we built various dashboards that allow you and your team to quickly evaluate your regulatory compliance standing. You are able to see the status of various documents, your audit score, and feedback all in one location to support decision-making and audit preparation.


Schedule a Consultation or Educational Demo of ComplyMgr

Managing and coordinating regulatory compliance efforts has been burdensome for too long. We sought to address this challenge by creating a new software tool and marrying it with our industry expertise to provide your team with confidence to satisfy an audit.

Once we help your team get accustomed to using the software, your operation will be fully-equipped to regain control of the PHMSA audit process.

We would like for you to take advantage of this opportunity to find a solution for a pain-free PHMSA audit.

Schedule a consultation. Let’s start with a conversation about your current challenges preparing for an audit. We want to hear from you on your primary constraints so that we can identify the best path forward.

Schedule an educational demonstration of ComplyMgr. If you are ready to see ComplyMgr in action, we are available to provide a demo of the software so that you can see it in action for yourself.

Contact us today to find out more about using ComplyMgr. Join other pipeline operators and regulatory managers who have already realized tremendous value from our newest software module. To get started, contact us by phone at 281-598-7100, by email at, or through our website form.