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Consultants or Software? Consider the Best Approach to Achieve Compliance

Small to medium-sized pipeline operators often find themselves at the crossroads of deciding between two different options to achieve compliance.

The first option is to hire a consultant to help navigate compliance issues. This is the traditional approach to have an outside party review your pipeline activity to prepare for an audit.

The second option is to utilize software to proactively manage pipeline operations throughout the year. The software-based approach ensures that proper records are maintained year-round, your policies and procedures align with PHMSA regulations, employees understand how to follow policies and procedures, and you can easily access the records for your audit.

What Are the Benefits of Utilizing Software to Achieve Compliance?

The main benefit of using pipeline operations software for compliance purposes is housing all of your records in a central location. You do not have to scour pen & paper logbooks or interview controllers six months after an abnormal operating event to complete your records for an audit.

Additionally, because software reliably stores all of the information, you do not have to waste time re-verifying events, logs, and records with an outside compliance consultant. Further, you do not need to assemble a team to retrieve documents during an audit, as all of the information is easily accessible and presentable to the PHMSA auditor at the push of a button.

Software to house your records is critical if your pipeline operation falls into one of these categories:

  • You have an upcoming audit and want to start using software to increase the likelihood of passing your inspection without a ding.
  • You were recently audited, are awaiting the results, and have a good idea that you need software to support your next audit.
  • You passed the audit, and you want to continue passing in the future as you try to keep up with the latest requirements.
  • There were some issues in the audit, and you need software to help address the issues going forward.

What Software Does EnerSys Provide to Achieve Compliance?

EnerSys offers an off-the-shelf software solution to help small to medium-sized pipeline operators achieve compliance.

Within our POEMS (Pipeline Operations Excellence Management System) software is the Control Room Management suite. The CRM Suite includes five essential tools to cover each area of your operation and ensure complete preparation for an audit:

No matter where you stand in audit readiness, EnerSys can work with you to implement a software solution that manages your pipeline operation to remove the stress of achieving compliance.

We would appreciate the opportunity to schedule a demo of the CRM Suite with your team. To schedule a no-obligation, introductory demo, please complete our contact form, email our team at, or call us directly at 281-598-7100.