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Control Room Compliance to PHMSA

Control Room Compliance to PHMSA 49 CFR Now Required

  • The 2015 Pipeline Safety Reauthorization Act is passed into law in January 2016.
  • Many pipelines currently not under PHMSA will now fall under PHMSA oversight.
  • Industry expects that future control room inspections will become increasingly more stringent.
  • The focus will be on reliable, safe operations, ensuring the operating experience is captured and used to continually improve operating practice.


Now What?

EnerSys would like to help you answer “what am i going to do about it?”


EnerSys stands at the forefront of working with oil and gas companies to implement plans, procedures, and tools through a proven pipeline control room environment. We encourage our customers to operate with excellence, to go beyond compliance exceeding the CRM regulations, and fully gain the benefits of increased operations effectiveness. As such, EnerSys specializes in the implementation of high-performance, PHMSA CRM-compliant control rooms for pipeline operators by leveraging in-depth knowledge of pipeline operations, control room procedures, alarm rationalization processes, SCADA practices, and the latest PHMSA 49 CFR regulations, in addition to the recommended best practices as determined by the ISA standards for process automation industries.


Beginning in 2008, EnerSys formed strategic relationships with experts who had, over decades, established control room practices for the process industries. EnerSys worked with these process industry experts to develop a comprehensive approach for pipeline operators that includes established procedures, tools, and services for implementing reliable, safe operations in the pipeline control room.


The result is EnerSys Pipeline Operations Excellence Management System (POEMS).

Find Out How POEMS can benefit your Pipeline Control Room

Russel Treat

Russel Treat is an industry leader, software entrepreneur, podcaster, and trusted subject matter expert specializing in oil and gas pipeline operations, custody transfer measurement, leak detection, and automation. Russel’s extensive knowledge of pipeline and control room operations gained over 30 years of projects led to the creation of a complete software suite known as POEMS ™ (Pipeline Operations Excellence Management System) delivered through EnerSys Corporation.

As CEO of EnerSys, Russel is committed to delivering the highest value to pipeline operators by addressing their greatest needs and concerns, especially operational efficiency, safety and government regulation.

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