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CRMgr: A Digital Solution for a Pipeline Control Room Electronic Logbook

Many pipeline operators are hesitant to switch over to an electronic logbook in the control room, whether for security reasons, data storage costs, or because pen and paper recordkeeping is deeply ingrained in your process.

EnerSys addressed each of those concerns — and additional concerns — when we created the CRMgr component of our POEMS Control Room Management Suite.

This e-logging and shift handover software tool contains intuitive logging and reporting features to eliminate pen and paper. Additionally, if you are concerned about complying with the CRM Rule (49 CFR 192 and 195), this tool ensures compliance with the control room reporting requirements.

How Does Electronic Recordkeeping Support Shift Handover?

The cornerstone of CRMgr is a structured methodology for shift handover in full compliance with the latest control room management requirements and API 1168, Pipeline Control Room Management.

In the control room, controllers select the controlled areas in their area of responsibility when starting their shift and also have the ability to properly document temporary relief of another controlled area.

In addition to electronically logging notes during a shift, CRMgr manages compliance logs, documentation of controller’s notes, and other CRM compliance activities.

How Does an Electronic Pipeline Control Room Logbook Work on the Backend?

The technical and support aspect of the CRMgr tool is supported through the EnerSys POEMS platform. Our software platform stores the electronic records in a database and provides users with administration, security, and report-generation functionality.

Specific to security, EnerSys is conscious of security concerns for pipeline operators. We take this very seriously, especially when cyberattacks are on the rise for pipeliners. That’s why we routinely check our systems and software to ensure that records are securely stored and readily accessible for audit purposes.

Overall, consider these key benefits of using the CRMgr software to support your operation:

  • Intuitive design. Easy to understand and requires minimal training.
  • User-configured menus. Saves time and ensures consistent log entries.
  • Structured shift handover process. Ensures efficient and accurate communication.
  • Automated shift handover reports. Consistent data readily available.
  • PHMSA compliant. Simplifies inspections.
  • Fast search. Easily locates specific data or trends in log entries.

If you would like to schedule a demo of the CRMgr tool to see a control room electronic logbook in action, please complete our contact form, email our team at sales@enersyscorp.com, or call us directly at 281-598-7100.