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The Latest Path to Confidence Beyond Compliance

ComplyMgr – A

EnerSys saw the need for a tool to enable pipeline operators to assure that their plans, procedures, and policies were always in compliance with the latest regulations. The Compliance Manager (ComplyMgr) achieves this objective as a component of POEMS.

ComplyMgr provides pipeline operators with the following capabilities:

  • Traceability of operator procedures to audit protocols.
  • Data repository for all relevant documents.
  • Ability to link procedures to Federal Regulations.
  • Links to industry standards such as API 1168, AI 1755, and API 1165.
  • Simplifies tracking regulatory changes to determine if policies and procedures require updating.

ComplyMgr enables you to maintain the integrity of policies and procedures for control room management and integrity management. The module also ensures that you are following best practices and complying with Federal Regulations to achieve confidence beyond compliance.