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Cost Effective Shift Handover Reports – A Quick View of CRMgr™

The Control Room Management Suite contains intuitive logging and reporting features that eliminates pen and paper, and allows operators to meet the reporting requirements of a compliant CRM system.

The keystone of the Control Room Management Suite is CRMgr™ that provides a structured methodology for shift handover (SHO) in full compliance with the latest CRM requirements. Controllers select the area of responsibility (AoR) when starting their shift and have the ability to properly document temporary relief of another AoR.

In addition to unifying SHO, CRMgr is an electronic logbook that allows storing of all log entries consistently. making entries reviewable and searchable.


  • Streamlined SHO process
  • Consistent shift handover reports
  • Cost effectiveness – cheaper than internal development
  • Fast log entries – user-configured pull-down menus

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