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Customized Software for Pipeline Operations: Ground Up or Off-the-Shelf?

Pipeline operators are facing increased pressure to achieve efficiency, reduce costs, and optimize their views of data because of the CRM Rule requirements.

Fortunately, because of advances in technology, there are more options to build customized software for pipeline operations. The question for the IT department is whether to develop custom software from the ground up or to take advantage of customizable, off-the-shelf software.

What Are the Challenges of Building Custom Software from the Ground Up?

Taking the path of trying to build custom pipeline software will be time-consuming. It will also be challenging to manage on a daily basis considering the other IT support required throughout the day.

Additionally, the project could run over budget because of unanticipated issues trying to create custom software from scratch. The typical unexpected problems include:

  • Internal resistance from stakeholders who do not see this as a requirement
  • Back-and-forth discussion with critical departments trying to get minute details correct
  • Technical or security issues building and implementing the software
  • Undeveloped scope at the beginning of a project and scope creep through the project.

As you can see, the roadblocks are not just financial costs, but also the time requirement that will place pressure on the IT department.
Why Should You Consider a Tailorable Off-the-Shelf Solution?
Fortunately, there is an alternative to building customized software from the ground up. An off-the-shelf (OTS) software solution comes with required functionality and the ability to fully integrate into your existing business processes.

The OTS software option ensures CRM Rule compliance, streamlined implementation, and ongoing support. Also, the tailorable features will enable your operation to achieve efficiency, save costs, and leverage your data to make vital decisions throughout operations. How is this accomplished?

  • Built around industry standards
  • Tailored for the user’s specific needs and requirements
  • Cost of implementation is less than custom software development
  • Time to launch is reduced
  • Maintenance is easier to perform
  • Enhancements are shared across all users
  • User groups can gather to improve the software for the whole group

What Software Does EnerSys Provide for Pipeline Operators?

EnerSys offers a customizable, off-the-shelf software solution to help small to medium-sized pipeline operators achieve confidence in their operation.

We developed POEMS (Pipeline Operations Excellence Management System) as a complete software solution for operators to confidently and safely operate a high-performance pipeline using the latest technology.

Within the POEMS software suite is our Control Room Management (CRM) Suite that includes the tools and applications to comply with the CRM Rule. Through our software offering, EnerSys ensures that operators comply with the CRM Rule and remain in compliance as regulations continue to change.

For the IT department, we work directly with your personnel to ensure smooth and secure integration of our customized software for pipeline operations. We following the standard POEMS process that includes these steps: Assess, Implement, Operate, Refine, and then Manage the Change.

We would appreciate the opportunity to schedule a demo of the CRM Suite with your IT department. To schedule a no-obligation, 10-minute demo, please complete our contact form, email our team at sales@enersyscorp.com, or call us directly at 281-598-7100.