EnerSys Software demo

Who Should Be Included in a Demo of the EnerSys CRM Suite Software?

Our team is often asked by pipeline operators and control room managers who should be included in a demo of our EnerSys CRM Suite software.

The short answer is everyone who has an operating role in the control room or a responsibility to support the control room and help achieve compliance.

Follow the Lead of the Roles & Responsibilities Requirement

Earlier this year, PHMSA Issued new FAQs clarifying the Roles & Responsibilities of individuals who direct or affect the actions of controllers in the control room.

These individuals are described as “having the authority to direct or supersede the specific technical actions of a controller” or individuals that are “qualified and authorized to direct or supersede the technical actions of a controller.”

By now, you should have identified the individuals who have the proper credentials to make decisions or influence action in the control room. These individuals should be included in a demo of the CRM Suite software, along with the controllers and other key personnel.

What Specific Roles Should Be Represented?

EnerSys structured the CRM Suite software to include specific modules that target a specific area of control room management. The structure ensures interoperability between all modules and alignment with each role in your operation.

We recommend the following roles be represented in a demo of the software to ensure universal buy-in and understanding:

  • Control Room Manager
  • Regulatory Manager
  • Controllers
  • Control Room facilitator/coordinator
  • SCADA technicians
  • Field technicians

The software modules and the roles in your operation are synced up to provide targeted support:

– The CRM Suite software supports your SCADA team by allowing you to continue using your existing SCADA and HMI.

  • CRMgr module: a reporting tool that simplifies the audit process and produces custom reports.
  • ALMgr module: a proven method for alarm management and alarm rationalization.
  • FatigueMgr module: a workload analysis tool to support controller workload and vigilance.
  • PointMgr module: a tool for point-to-point verification between pipeline control and field automation.
  • ComplyMgr module: a compliance solution for your regulatory manager.

Including each person who is responsible for supporting the control room will ensure they understand how the software will make their job easier to drive toward compliance.

Why Use the POEMS CRM Suite?

CRM SuiteYou may be accustomed to using multiple vendors or software tools to support each area of control room management. That often leads to disconnects and miscommunication.

Our software solution ensures that your operation will achieve interoperability between all modules and roles, increasing efficiency and reliability to support compliance.

Additionally, by housing all of the control room management tools in one location, you will be able to reduce the total cost of ownership, creating tremendous cost-savings for your operation.

When your team is ready for a demo of the POEMS CRM Suite software, please reach out to us to schedule your no-obligation demo. To set your desired time, please complete our contact form, email our team at sales@enersyscorp.com, or call us directly at 281-598-7100.