Effective Controller Scheduling - White Paper

Unlocking Effective Controller Scheduling: A Pipeline Operator’s Guide

Effective Control Room Scheduling to Maintain Operations

Are you a pipeline control room manager looking to streamline your scheduling processes while ensuring safety and compliance? If you’re looking for ways to optimize your scheduling regimen, or want to streamline the scheduling process for your control room, download our latest white paper, “Effective Control Room Scheduling to Maintain Operations.”

In the dynamic landscape of pipeline operations, the task of maintaining a control room that seamlessly integrates compliance, fatigue management, and operational efficiency is increasingly challenging. This challenge is further compounded by the use of outdated tools and systems that have not evolved since the inception of the PHMSA Control Room Management (CRM) Rule over a decade ago. Our white paper will help you navigate effective controller scheduling.

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Key Takeaways – Effective Controller Scheduling:

  • Pipeline control room managers face the complex challenge of balancing compliance with the PHMSA Control Room Management Rule (CRM Rule) and maintaining efficient operations.  
  • The significance of a robust Fatigue Mitigation Plan.
  • Adhering to the CRM Rule is essential to avoid compliance and safety issues and financial penalties. Still, it must be balanced with effective scheduling to prevent undue stress on operators and maintain business continuity.
  • To achieve this balance, control room managers must understand Hours of Service (HOS) limitations, select the appropriate shift rotation, and use control room-focused scheduling software.
Effective Controller Scheduling - White Paper

The white paper delves into the HOS limitations outlined in the CRM Rule and the importance of understanding them. It also highlights how controllers’ availability and last-minute scheduling changes can impact operations.

Explore the benefits of the modified DuPont shift framework, which provides flexibility, ample rest periods, and helps maintain compliance with the CRM Rule.

Learn about why identifying deviations from HOS regulations is crucial for effective scheduling, including its impact on safety, productivity, and potential PHMSA penalties.

Discover the advantages of adopting industry-specific scheduling software designed to address the unique challenges of pipeline control rooms.

Get started on optimizing your control room scheduling practices by downloading our comprehensive white paper today. The white paper is a valuable resource for Control Room Managers that offers ideas and solutions for achieving effective scheduling and adhering to industry regulations. 

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