CRMgr Log Entry

Advance to Electronic Recordkeeping in Pipeline Operations This Week

Moving to electronic recordkeeping in pipeline operations doesn’t have to be overwhelming. We make it easy through our process for helping operators and midstream companies move away from pen and paper recordkeeping in one week’s time.

We can help you establish a reliable and audit-ready recordkeeping system in just a few days. This pipeline recordkeeping solution will support your day-to-day activity in the pipeline control room and prepare your operation to satisfy a PHMSA audit.

Our solution includes the CRMgr software module in our POEMS Control Room Management Suite as well as industry-leading training, implementation, and advisory support. We provide you with the software, and we support usability of the software to get your team up and running.

What’s Included in CRMgr for Pipeline Recordkeeping?

Our CRMgr software module will help your operation achieve compliance naturally through a dependable approach to recordkeeping in the control room.CRMgr Compliance Log Entry 1

  • Compliance with the PHMSA CRM Rule through a structured shift handover process.
  • Introduction of e-logging, electronic compliance logs, and CRMP support.
  • Management of incident logging, AOCs, shift handover reports, hours of service, and fatigue mitigation reports.
  • Simplification of audit prep by delivering compliance reports in alignment with API 1168.

CRMgr will quickly replace manual-entry records that are prone to error or difficult to track down when prompted to satisfy an audit request. And, since all records are maintained in the POEMS document library, they are readily available for the audit.

All of the electronic records will be easily accessible to perform a review of daily operations, abnormal operating condition details, shift start and shift end, shift handover records, and compliance deviation reports to ensure compliance with API 1168.

Using CRMgr to create log entries, create compliance logs, and perform other critical actions improves efficiency in the pipeline control room.

Our software module is ready to configure and can be securely deployed immediately to support your control room. We package this with our expert training to ensure rapid adoption.

Our Support for Using CRMgr in the Control Room

The team at EnerSys Corporation is equipped to show your team how to use CRMgr to support critical areas of operations. We’ll help you get away from pen and paper recordkeeping by teaching your team how to log notes, use shift handover tools in CRMgr, and consistently perform shift handover.

We will strive for complete understanding with minimal impact on pipeline control room safety during the transition. Our goal is to quickly and intelligently implement the software module in a manner that creates the most benefit with the least disruption possible.

During this era of virtual meetings and web conferences, we are available to meet with your team virtually to review the software functionality and features together. We will drive toward understanding and work to support new habits so that your team can confidently start using the software immediately.

All of this can be completed in just one week. The benefits for your control room will last for years to follow through a simplified approach to electronic recordkeeping and compliance support in the control room.

To further discuss CRMgr or to schedule an educational demonstration of the software module, contact our team today. Reach out to Dale Schafer at or email our Regulatory and Software Support lead Ross Adams at

You can also call 281-598-7100 to speak with Dale or Ross. Ask to discuss the CRMgr software module.