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2020 AGA Virtual Ops Conference: Visit Our Booth for a Software Demo

The EnerSys team is looking forward to participating in the first-ever AGA Virtual Operations Conference taking place June 9-11, 2020.

During this time of adjustments and finding the “new normal,” we appreciate the opportunity to connect with natural gas pipeline stakeholders in a virtual setting to fill the void of a standard in-person conference setting.

As a sponsor of the AGA Virtual Ops conference, we will have a virtual booth set up during the conference to interact with our team. This will include the opportunity for live demos of our software and the first look at our newest software module, ComplyMgr.

Register for the AGA Conference to Visit the EnerSys Booth

We encourage you to register for the AGA conference to participate in the event, visit the EnerSys booth, and gain knowledge that can be incorporated into your operation.

AGA has put together a general session, several technical sessions, and additional resources to support your operation. Topics include COVID-19 management, the Mega Rule, rupture detection and prevention, Pipeline SMS, PHMSA compliance, AOCs, and more.

In between these sessions, you have the opportunity to access the EnerSys booth from the virtual conference lobby. We will be hosting virtual conversations with conference attendees to discuss how our software solutions help natural gas stakeholders solve emerging challenges in regards to the pipeline control room, SCADA, and compliance.

  • POEMS Control Room Management Suite (CRM Suite): centralizes and organizes all records required for conformance to the PHMSA CRM Rule.
  • Intelligent Operator Console: The IOC for Pipeline Control module provides an intelligent link between SCADA and HMI to support controller alertness in all operating conditions.
  • ComplyMgr module: Our newest software tool, ComplyMgr, enables operators to ensure that plans, procedures, and policies comply with the latest regulations to achieve compliance naturally.

Schedule a Demo of CRM Suite & Intelligent Operator Console

The POEMS CRM Suite provides industry-leading support for critical areas of the pipeline control room:

  • Manage the alarm rationalization process as part of Alarm Management program.
  • e-Logging, Shift Handover, and reporting tools to comply with reporting requirements.
  • Hours of Service (HOS) and fatigue management tools to ensure controller alertness.

The IOC for Pipeline Control module provides an advanced, fully-compliant HMI for pipeline and midstream operations.

  • Enhances awareness and supervisory control of pipeline operations.
  • Fulfills requirement for high-performance HMI at lowest possible cost — with consistency.
  • Utilizes standard set of graphics, animations, and pipeline-specific system behaviors.
  • Complies with API 1165 and ISA 101 with HMI philosophy, style guide, and design guide.

During the conference, you will have the opportunity to participate in an educational demo with our team to see these software tools in action.

Dale Schafer, our VP of Business Development, and Ross Adams, our Regulatory and Software Support lead, will be available throughout the conference to guide you and your team through a review of the features and capabilities of our software tools.

We invite you to schedule time with Dale and Ross for a demo of the POEMS CRM Suite and IOC for Pipeline Control. ***Click Here to Access***

Receive Your First Look at ComplyMgr

We recognize that achieving compliance naturally is critical for today’s operators to flow into regulatory alignment. Natural compliance supports safe operations and ensures that your operation can meet the requirements of an inspection or PHMSA audit.

That’s why we developed the ComplyMgr software module to provide the following specific support to operators:

  • Audit readiness to prepare for a PHMSA inspection.
  • Traceability of internal procedures to external rules and best practices.
  • Change Impact Assessment of what needs to change to achieve compliance naturally.
  • Change Management to manage the change for users and stakeholders.

During the conference, you will have the opportunity to find out more about the features and capabilities of ComplyMgr.

Dale Schafer and Ross Adams will walk through the features of ComplyMgr, capture how the software module provides enhanced compliance management support, and answer your questions about how the software supports the specific challenges facing your operation.

We invite you to schedule time with Dale and Ross to discuss ComplyMgr. ***Click Here to Access***

Not Able to Attend the AGA Virtual Ops Conference?

Make plans to attend the AGA Virtual Operations conference and visit the EnerSys booth to view and discuss our software tools. However, we understand that your time may be limited during this unpredictable period of transition.

If you are unable to attend the conference, we are extending the opportunity for a follow-up meeting with our team to discuss software tools to support your operation.

*** Visit this link and inform us of your interest in scheduling a discussion or educational demo of the POEMS CRM Suite, IOC for Pipeline Control, or ComplyMgr for you and your team.

We’ll see you virtually on June 9-11 or after the conference to discuss.