ComplyMgr, the newest software module from EnerSys Corporation, simplifies PHMSA compliance for pipeline operators.

ComplyMgr: Our New Software Module to Simplify PHMSA Compliance

EnerSys Corporation has introduced a new module in our POEMS (Pipeline Operations Excellence Management System) software suite. The module, ComplyMgr, is the ideal tool for pipeline operators to simplify PHMSA compliance for pipeline operations.

Pipeline operators no longer need to dread the PHMSA audit. ComplyMgr enables operators to achieve audit readiness through the comprehensive management of the entire audit process.

The software module automates compliance management, provides a single source for all relevant documents, organizes your records in one place, and allows your operation to perform a mock audit to prepare for the real audit.

The result is complete confidence to satisfy the PHMSA audit when it’s your time for an inspection.

Problems that ComplyMgr Solves for Pipeline Operators

We have heard from many pipeline operators that do not feel prepared for a PHMSA audit. Some of the common challenges we have heard include:

  • Documents retention issues (e.g. drowning in spreadsheets)
  • References and industry standards in different locations
  • Difficulty maintaining assessment tools
  • Unable to identify areas of risks during annual reviews
  • Lack of visibility on program weaknesses and corrective action
  • Inability to answer PHMSA questions to prove compliance

In summary, many operators in this position are unable to prove that what you say you will do in your policies and procedures is in compliance with PHMSA requirements. This includes being unable to align your internal documentation with the latest PHMSA notices, advisory bulletins, and rulemakings.

The result for operators is a lack of confidence in your current compliance state to pass the PHMSA audit. We heard this message loud and clear from operators and created a software module that will help your operation prepare to satisfy questions from PHMSA.

How ComplyMgr Solves Problems Preparing for PHMSA Audit

ComplyMgr is designed to simplify the audit. This is achieved primarily through the automation of compliance management to create a single source for all relevant documents and records.

With ComplyMgr, all PHMSA resources are pre-loaded into the software. This includes pipeline safety regulations (49 CFRs), FAQs, inspection questions, and the latest notices and advisory bulletins.

Then, once your policies and procedures are uploaded and linked, ComplyMgr provides the capability to review each section in your document to the regulation, the relevant FAQ’s, and audit questions. You will be able to evaluate whether what you say you will do in your internal policies and procedures complies with PHMSA requirements.

Additionally, if you need to modify your documents to meet PHMSA requirements, ComplyMgr helps your team to track, review, approve, and publish changes. Once your changes are done, you will have confidence that what you say you will do complies with PHMSA requirements.

Benefits of Utilizing ComplyMgr to Support Your Operation

ComplyMgr makes it easy to create a baseline assessment of your operation’s level of compliance prior to the PHMSA audit. You will also be positioned to perform a mock audit walking through the expected questions from the PHMSA inspector to prepare for the real thing.

Utilizing ComplyMgr, you will be able to regain control of the audit process and gain confidence that you and your team are ready to pass the audit:

  • All documents gathered in one centralized location
  • Access to Compliance Review results to improve policies
  • Visibility into program weaknesses to take corrective action
  • Full support for annual program reviews
  • Ability to track, review, approve, and publish changes
  • Results and corrective actions saved for later viewing
  • Complete confidence to pass the PHMSA audit

– For our existing customers, the ComplyMgr software module integrates with our other POEMS tools to provide you with natural compliance.

– For new customers, ComplyMgr has the ability to function as a standalone software module. You also have the ability to subscribe to our other POEMS software tools that integrate with ComplyMgr.

One of the advantages of utilizing the POEMS suite is the interoperability of the software. Each of our tools communicates with each other and has the capability of sharing data across the platform.

We invite you to schedule an educational demo of ComplyMgr to see how the software can help your operation. Our pipeline compliance experts, Dale Schafer and Ross Adams, are currently scheduling demos of the new module.

Visit this website page to schedule a demo with our team.

Contact the EnerSys team through our website, via email at, or give us a call at 281-598-7100 to speak directly with Dale or Ross.