Announcement: EnerSys Recognized as AVEVA Registered System Integrator

Announcement: EnerSys Recognized as AVEVA Registered System Integrator

AVEVA is one of the leading providers of industrial software products in the world. The company offers specific software solutions for the midstream sector of the oil and gas industry, including transportation pipelines.

Operators can utilize their software to support intelligent data aggregation across the entirety of the enterprise, which leads to informed decision-making and safer operations:

  • Protect “social license” to operate.
  • Meet rapidly changing regulatory requirements.
  • Support situational awareness by providing personnel with data to act.
  • Maximize productivity and efficiency through operational insight and automation.

Specific to the pipeline control room, many operators currently use AVEVA SCADA products such as AVEVA Enterprise SCADA (formerly OASyS DNA) to support real-time control room operations. Now, EnerSys Corporation has joined the AVEVA Partner Network as a Registered System Integrator to create an integration with our control room software platform, the POEMS® Control Room Management Suite (CRM Suite).

Our company’s designation as an AVEVA System Integrator formalizes our partnership with AVEVA to support the control room needs of our customers that use AVEVA SCADA products. Learn more about why there is a natural fit between AVEVA and EnerSys to support control room operations.

Our Certified Support for Control Room Operations

We align with AVEVA for many reasons. One reason, in particular, is that AVEVA aims to unify data silos in order to deliver real-time operational insights. At EnerSys, we focus on breaking down silos that traditionally exist in pipeline control rooms.

Silos often lead to communication gaps, a lack of clarity around roles and responsibilities, compliance gaps, and the increased risk of a safety incident. Through the use of our CRM Suite, we help operators close gaps in control room management to operate in Natural Compliance.

Our technology team can provide you with direct integrations between our control room software tools and AVEVA Enterprise SCADA, streamlining how existing AVEVA customers access the capabilities of the CRM Suite. This integration will enable you to securely capture and share data across the control room:

  • Electronic Logbooks
  • Shift Handover
  • Alarm Management
  • Fatigue Mitigation
  • Hours of Service
  • Point to Point Verification

Plus, our off-the-shelf CRM Suite is deployable in standard IT environments to increase the speed of integration.

In addition to our software tools, we offer subject matter expertise to deliver specific solutions that fit the needs of each pipeline control room. Through the combination of our robust software suite, operational expertise, and technological know-how, we can help your operation improve operational effectiveness and realize continuous improvement in the control room.

Talk To EnerSys About Leveraging the AVEVA System Integration

We appreciate that we have been officially designated as an authorized AVEVA Registered System Integrator. Now, pipeline operators can experience greater confidence using our secure integrations with AVEVA products. We encourage you to reach out to our team to discuss this opportunity to utilize our registered tools to support the control room.

– To schedule an educational demo or free consultation with our team, contact us directly at 281-598-7100. Ask for VP Business Development Dale Schafer or EnerSys General Manager Ross Adams.

You can also complete our website contact form to discuss our inclusion in the list of AVEVA System Integrators or email