ENTELEC Conference

ENTELEC 2018 Preview: Why EnerSys is Exhibiting (and You Should Attend)

EnerSys Corporation and the ENTELEC user organization have a long-standing relationship. I have personally served on the Board of Directors and I have been involved in the annual ENTELEC Conference & Expo every year since 1999. The conference takes place this year on May 15-17 in Houston.

The reason for our synergistic relationship is twofold: a commitment to the latest technology and an exchange of information and knowledge as part of continual learning.

As a software company, EnerSys is driven to serve the needs of pipeline operators by providing new tools and software capabilities through our POEMS software suite. And, we continue to learn more about the latest industry trends, challenges, and capabilities to improve our software, benefiting our clients.

Similarly, the ENTELEC organization serves energy, telecommunications, and oil & gas professionals by providing a platform for companies and individuals to learn about the latest software and opportunities for advanced education and hands-on training.

Why is EnerSys Exhibiting at the ENTELEC Conference?

EnerSys looks forward to exhibiting at the ENTELEC Conference because of the opportunity to connect with clients, colleagues, and even competitors.

Our team is also looking forward to walking the floor of the George R. Brown Convention Center to see what other vendors are exhibiting about the latest technology and participating in forums to learn from colleagues and industry experts.

The ENTELEC Conference is an exciting environment where knowledge and experience are openly flowing to help each other learn and grow.

One of the most fulfilling aspects of the conference is the opportunity to collaborate with others that care about the industry. ENTELEC provides a forum for colleagues to share the latest developments, learn from each other, and bring that information back into our companies to continue advancing the industry.

To find us at the conference, EnerSys will be exhibiting in Booth #209 near the Registration and Entrance area.

Why Should You Attend the ENTELEC Conference?

ENTELEC serves the needs of three distinct roles in a typical pipeline, telecommunications, energy, or oil & gas company:

  • Entry-level: If you are new to the industry, the ENTELEC Conference is a great opportunity to gain industry knowledge and take a leap in your professional capabilities.
  • Mid-level: If you are working toward a managerial role or are currently a manager, ENTELEC provides resources to achieve the next level in your career or secure your position, respectively.
  • Senior Level: If you are an executive, operator, or key decision-maker, this is a safe venue to discuss the challenges that keep you up at night and understand the latest resources available for your organization to be more efficient, operate safer, and achieve compliance.

Speaking to the senior level with buying power — because those of us in the pipeline industry are typically risk-averse — ENTELEC is the ideal environment to learn about the latest technology and even see the technology in action before making a purchasing decision.

Connect With Us at the ENTELEC Conference

The EnerSys team is looking forward to seeing colleagues and meeting new industry professionals at the ENTELEC Conference. If you have not already registered as an individual or if you have not yet signed up your team, find out how to register for the conference.

If you are planning to attend the conference, please reach out in advance via email at rtreat@enersyscorp.com or emailing our VP of Business Development, Dale Schafer, at dschafer@enersyscorp.com.