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Financial Benefits of Pipeline Operational Excellence

poems2What is POEMS?

The EnerSys Pipeline Operations Excellence Management System (POEMS) is an enterprise automation system that combines the appropriate mix of training, procedures, software and support services to create a complete solution for high-performance PHSMA CRM compliant pipeline operations excellence.

What is Pipeline Operations Excellence?

Going beyond compliance to achieve the intent of the 49 CFR control room management rule for pipeline operations by modifying behavior in the control room to use minimum resources and to achieve on-schedule, on-spec delivery without incident, while continually learning and improving.

POEMS enables pipeline operators to implement highly effective control room operations going beyond the SCADA HMI to achieving operations objectives using minimum resources

POEMS provides direct financial benefits:

  • Reduces implementation time
    As little as 6 months
  • Significantly reduces total cost of ownership
    Typically 25 – 40% savings
  • Reduces third-party headcount
    No more 24/7 at remote facilities
  • Minimizes shift overtime
    Move control to the central control room
  • Reduces call-out overtime through remote monitoring/control
  • Provides commercial lift to the marketing department
    Seize opportunities