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HMI API 1165

Is Your HMI Compliant with API 1165?

There is industry buzz among SCADA managers and developers surrounding the status of the API 1165 recommended practice for HMI displays used in pipeline control rooms.

Right now, API 1165 is under review and is planned for an update. I have the privilege of being part of the authoring committee that has been tasked with updating the recommended practice to take into account new technologies available to pipeline operators.

The goal is for the new version to be released in mid-2019. However, that is pending a review of the revised documentation that will reflect technological changes and advancements.

Why Is API 1165 Under Review?

API 1165 is under review because the original recommended practice was released in 2007. A lot has changed over the past decade-plus.

Plus, requirements that were too difficult to implement in 2007 — and were not included in the original standard — will now be addressed because pipeline operators should be able to utilize technological advancements to fully address changes.

The benefit for SCADA managers and related personnel is that you can participate in the review process so that you can contribute your expertise to update the original requirement. Also, you will not be blindsided by the updated recommended practice to achieve compliance.

How Do I Know If I Am Currently Compliant?

To achieve compliance with the current edition of API 1165, you should have an HMI philosophy, style guide, and design guide that support controllers’ ability to achieve situational awareness.

What does this look like in practice?

  • HMI Philosophy: policies for HMI style and design.
  • HMI Style Guide: definitions of graphical elements, system behaviors, and animations.
  • HMI Design Guide: definitions of SCADA architecture, security measures, network topology, and information dataflow.

If you have not reviewed your HMI elements in some time or want to prepare for the upcoming API 1165 update, consider talking to our team about your current situation.

We can also schedule a demo of our POEMS IOC (Intelligence Operator Console) to show you how our software uses a standardized set of graphical elements, animations, and pipeline-specific system behaviors to consistently fulfill the HMI requirement at the lowest possible cost.

To talk to our team or schedule a demo, please complete our contact form, email our team at sales@enersyscorp.com, or call us directly at 281-598-7100.

Russel Treat

Russel Treat is an industry leader, software entrepreneur, podcaster, and trusted subject matter expert specializing in oil and gas pipeline operations, custody transfer measurement, leak detection, and automation. Russel’s extensive knowledge of pipeline and control room operations gained over 30 years of projects led to the creation of a complete software suite known as POEMS ™ (Pipeline Operations Excellence Management System) delivered through EnerSys Corporation.

As CEO of EnerSys, Russel is committed to delivering the highest value to pipeline operators by addressing their greatest needs and concerns, especially operational efficiency, safety and government regulation.