Alarm Management

The Importance of Alarm Management

products_icons_ALMgr_r1Alarm Management for Midstream and Pipeline Operations

ALMgr contains tools, features, and documentation for managing the alarm rationalization process, assisting controller response to alarm with alarm response sheets, and generating reports that exceed the CRM requirements.

Pipeline SCADA Alarm ManagementKey Benefits of ALMgr

  • Cut cost of rationalization in half using copy and paste
  • Analyze the KPI results after the rationalization compared to target
  • Create alarm response sheets during rationalization process
  • Analytical reports identify “bad actor” alarms
  • Reports comply with CRM Rule, API 1167 and ISA 18.2

With ALMgr, the control room manager is provided with alarm management tools that enable operators to continually and easily improve both alarm system and operations performance.

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