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Improving Field Operations Efficiency and Reducing Costs with Muddy Boots

The Muddy Boots Maintenance & WO Module for Field Operations

Lets face it: in most companies, field employees wear multiple hats. In a single day, the same field operations employee may witness meter testing and truck loading, conduct a site safety inspection, report gas loss from launching a pig, and make minor repairs. A measurement technician may perform a meter calibration, test PSVs, and troubleshoot a SCADA alarm issue, all on the same site.

A few questions come to mind:

  • How are these employees documenting and reporting their work? 
  • Are they still recording some of their work on paper, then entering the info back when they get back to the office?
  • How many separate software tools are they using in a day?
  • How many logins and passwords do they need to track?
  • Is the data entry efficient and intuitive, or do your folks complain that the reports take longer than the actual work?
  • Are the software tools provided to them designed for the oil & gas industry, or have you given them software designed for building maintenance or the assembly plant floor?
  • As a supervisor or manager, can you look at one dashboard to determine the real-time status of scheduled tasks and Work Orders, or do you need to review multiple reports and\or log into several different systems, just to get data that is several days old?
  • How about service companies and contractors?  Do you manage them in the same system as you manage your own employees, or do you have to dig through emails to find out what your services companies did last week and what they are behind on?

Muddy Boots is a cloud-based platform that can consolidate all of your company’s field operations data entry and reporting needs into one simple, single, and cost-effective tool. 

  • Reduce IT support costs
  • Runs on multiple device types
    • Smart Phone, Tablet, or PC – no servers to buy or maintain & no complicated software to install
  • No per-user fees. Fees are based on the number of physical sites and features (modules) you need – so no unnecessary costs
  • Ensure corporate network security with contractor and service company issued logins
  • Enter data, test meters, and record or update Work Orders in areas without cellular or network connections with the offline working features

True Dashboard Customization for Each User

  • Your field folks and contractors see only the tasks they are assigned
  • Supervisors and Managers see a summary of tasks for their area, with the ability to highlight OVERDUE tasks
  • The corner office gets a company wide overview of compliance and problem areas
  • Data is constantly updated in real-time, and can be exported easily

The powerful Work Order and Management of Change (MOC) tools manage workflow and assure proper approvals are received at each required point. Complex decision and workflow matrices are supported.

For the First Time Ever: view, manage, and update all of the following – in one location.

  • Well Inventory
  • Field Measurement
  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • Safety Compliance Testing & Inspections
  • Emissions Reporting
  • Pigging Operations
  • Construction 

You can schedule, manage, and report, all in the same tool and the same database. The powerful Muddy Boots scheduling tool supports complex schedules that can be calendar based or runtime based. PLUS – the reassignment of tasks is as simple as drag-n-drop. 

Integration with POEMS Control Room Management suite means pipeline controllers can issue and track urgent investigations directly from their console, documenting notifications and shift handoffs.

The field measurement module provides:

  • API 21.1 & BLM compliant Multivariable Transmitter Calibration Forms
  • Give every employee access to the current Site Facility Diagrams (flow diagrams)
  • Supports Tank Gauging, Shakeouts, and Proving
  • Entry and Validation of Gas Analysis Data
  • Allows the back-office analyst to directly create work orders for measurement issues

If you have questions or want to set up a discovery call to learn more about Muddy Boots, call us at 281-598-7100 to speak with EnerSys General Manager Ross Adams or VP of Business Development Dale Schafer. You can also contact us via email at or complete our website contact form.

Our tools provide a system to capture “what was done.” This is accomplished through scheduling meter calibrations, creating and recording measurement reports, communicating measurement changes, and documenting regulatory compliance — all in one software platform.

Plus, the software tools can be utilized in the palm of your hand. Techs can perform tasks on their mobile device and measurement supervisors can run the entire measurement operations from a smartphone. It’s a win-win for both parties.