POEMS CRM Suite provides enhanced software support for the pipeline control room

How Integration Maximizes Control Room Management Productivity

Small-to-medium-sized pipeline operators, midstream, and gas transmission operators have found themselves in an interesting environment supporting the control room for regulated pipelines.

The industry is keenly focused on pipeline safety to drive toward zero incidents, resources are tight trying to support safety and compliance programs, and new technology is available to support control room management.

Many operators feel like they are being pulled in multiple directions. You might be saying to yourself:

  • We want to build the right safety culture, but we don’t have the resources.
  • We want to achieve compliance, but we don’t have the technology budget of big players.
  • We want to use available technology, but we don’t have the culture to support usage.

We believe there is a clear solution to find the sweet spot of pipeline safety, compliance, and using available technology to manage the control room. The key is integrating software to efficiently manage critical areas of the control room.

What Does Control Room Software Integration Look Like?

For us, control room software integration ensures that each piece of software used to manage the control room talks to each other, supports each other, and is housed in a central location.

Many operators have a combination of software tools from multiple vendors — many of which are outdated or legacy applications — and pen and paper recordkeeping. Also, policies and procedures may be contained in a printed handbook that has not been updated in recent years to ensure compliance with the latest Control Room Management (CRM) Rule guidelines established by PHMSA.

In other words, software and documentation does not talk to each other, does not support each other, and is not housed in a central location. This picture of the control room can oftentimes lead to inefficiencies, safety concerns, audit inspection dings, and unnecessary costs.

The solution is a complete software solution to manage the control room management program and achieve compliance with the CRM Rule.

Our software solution is the POEMS Control Room Management (CRM) Suite.

Within the software suite are modules that help manage critical areas of the control room, reducing the total cost of ownership for pipeline control room management.

An added differentiator is that the software platform was built to optimize integration in order to maximize productivity.

The modules plug into the POEMS platform to share common resources such as infrastructure, admin modules, a SQL database, document library, report engine, scheduler, emailer, and security features. No more requirements for your IT department to manage multiple software set-ups from multiple vendors.

What Are the Modules in the POEMS CRM Suite?

The POEMS CRM Suite modules are part of an integrated system that eases the compliance burden for pipeline operators. The modules also help reduce operator risk and improve control room management.

CRMgr module: e-logging/shift handover (SHO), compliance logging for proper recordkeeping, and the Control Room Management Plan (CRMP) to define operating philosophy, roles and responsibilities, and control room operations in compliance with the CRM Rule.

FatigueMgr module: real-time monitoring of console workload, Hours of Service (HOS) scheduling and deviation tracking, the ability to track controller actions, and workload analysis support.

ALMgr module: alarm rationalization and alarm analysis to support monthly and annual reviews, alarm management philosophy to establish basic definitions, principles, and processes, and the design, implementation, and maintenance of the alarm system.

PointMgr module: point-to-point verification between the field and control room, recordkeeping, and configuration of new I/O points.

Where to Start With Control Room Software Integration

Every operator is different. And each operator is at a different point in the battle to support zero incidents, build the right culture, and use technology.

Current EnerSys customers: we recommend starting with a review of your current POEMS CRM Suite software use. Do you need to add new modules? Do you need to train your team on how to use the modules?

Talk to our team about how to take the next step receiving more value from the CRM Suite.

Prospective EnerSys customers: Your operation may not be in a position to start using software. Perhaps you need to start with culture, team training, and assessing your current use of technology. Or, you have everything in place and now you’re ready to implement a software solution to support control room management.

We recommend starting with an assessment of your control room. Our team will be able to understand your specific needs, strategize a plan for next steps, and ultimately get your team ready to use our software suite to use integrated software in the control room.

To schedule a consultation with our team, contact us today to discuss your operation. Complete the contact form on our website, email sales@enersyscorp.com, or call us directly at 281-598-7100.