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Introducing Our Updated Website: Control Room Solutions Supporting Natural Compliance

Just in time for the AGA Fall 2021 Operations Conference, we are eager to unveil an updated version of the website.

We refreshed the look and feel of the website, introduced new graphics, added new videos throughout sections of the site, and re-organized information to convey the value of our comprehensive pipeline control room management solutions.

The revitalized website captures our company’s mission of supporting operators as they strive for Natural Compliance through a combination of optimizing your systems and utilizing control room software tools. You do the work and compliance happens as a natural output of setting up systems and using tools to support control room operations.

Our Solutions That Support Pipeline Control Room Operations

EnerSys provides solutions for the pipeline control room that enable pipeline operators to address each critical component of the control room in alignment with the PHMSA Control Room Management Rule (CRM Rule).

Our updated website now reflects the comprehensive solutions that we offer to operators. Visit the Solutions section of our website to learn more about our solutions for:

  • Control Room Operations
  • Control Room Management
  • Control Room Audit Support
  • Alarm Management
  • Fatigue Management
  • Product Scheduling
  • Leak Detection

Through our proven approach, your operation will be able to utilize systems and software to improve operational effectiveness and to naturally create documentation and recordkeeping that supports compliance with the CRM Rule.

Take a Look Inside Our Control Room Software Tools

Another important aspect of our updated website is an enhanced presentation of our integrated, off-the-shelf software tools. Now, you can view contextualized screenshots of our software tools to see how each module supports specific areas of control room management.

Each software module page also includes a digestible breakdown of the benefits to both control room managers and to controllers that utilize the tools in the control room.

Visit the Software section of our website to see how our software enables control room personnel to manage critical areas and perform their tasks.

The Control Room Management Suite software suite (CRM Suite) includes tools for logging shift notes, creating abnormal operating condition reports (AOCs), compliance reports and logs, alarm rationalization, point to point verification, Hours of Service/controller scheduling, console workload management, and more.

Together, the modules in the CRM Suite form a holistic software offering that improves operational effectiveness and supports Natural Compliance to optimize continuous improvement and make the audit experience as easy as possible.

– Our pipeline SCADA software offering is specifically designed for pipeline control rooms to ensure compliance with API 1165 (Pipeline SCADA Displays). You will also learn how we deliver fully-compliant High-Performance HMI to optimize the connection between SCADA and HMI for pipeline controllers.

– Our OPACT software offering delivers contextual situation awareness about product scheduling to controllers. The information presented to controllers is based on real-time data that is gathered from existing sources such as your SCADA system or production tools. Learn more about the reporting capabilities that connect the control room and production teams.

Delivering Value to Operators Through Partnerships

Having been in business since 1994, our company has developed several valuable partnerships through the years. The updated EnerSys website captures the opportunity for pipeline operators to leverage our partnerships to support the entirety of pipeline operations.

Visit the Partners section of our website to discover opportunities to advance your systems and software capabilities through these EnerSys partnerships:

  • Schneider/GeoSCADA
  • PTC/KepServer
  • Rockwell Automation
  • Muddy Boots Online
  • P.I. Confluence
  • Atmos International

A Clear Path for Operators to Achieve Natural Compliance

We encourage you to browse our entire website to unlock answers to each challenge that you are facing in the pipeline control room. Discover how your operation can achieve efficiencies, operate safely, and remain in compliance with regulations.

After visiting our website, let’s discuss how your operation can leverage our solutions and implement our software offerings to achieve operations excellence. By working with EnerSys, you can maximize pipeline control room operations and always be ready for a CRM audit through Natural Compliance.

– Contact us today to schedule a consultation about our offering. Call 281-598-7100 to schedule a meeting with our team. You can also email or complete our website contact form to get started. Ask for EnerSys General Manager Ross Adams or VP Business Development Dale Schafer.