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EnerSys is pleased to announce the latest release of CRMgr™, version 5, the e-logging software tool that contains intuitive logging and reporting features to eliminate pen and paper, and allow operators to be in compliance with the reporting requirements of 49 CFR 192 and 195. CRMg5 improves on the previous release of CRMgr and simplifies the audit process by insuring that operators have access to searchable, customized reports and documentation.

Improvements in CRMgr, version 5 include:CRMgr 5

  • Improved log search and reports
  • Streamlined shift handover to meet API 1168
  • Enhanced document storage and search capabilities
  • Integrated on the POEMS platform
  • Utilizes the Area of Operations infrastructure

CRMgr is a web-based application licensed by EnerSys to run on Windows OS and supported by the POEMS™ platform. In addition to e-logging notes during a shift, a rigid shift handover procedure, CRMgr manages compliance logs, documentation of controller’s notes and other CRM compliance activities.

The POEMS platform stores the database and provides CRMgr with administration, security, report generation, and document storage.

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