EnerSys Year-End Letter for Control Room Operations

Our Year-End Letter: Looking Ahead to 2024

To our customers, colleagues, and friends,

As we bid farewell to 2023, we reflect on a year filled with notable accomplishments and growth for EnerSys. Connecting with many of you at industry events, committee meetings, and customer site visits throughout the year has been a privilege. These interactions have fueled our commitment to driving positive change in our industry through education, promoting Natural Compliance, and working to improve operational effectiveness.

The events and highlights of this year have been nothing short of extraordinary, and we extend our deepest gratitude to our clients and partners for their collaboration with, and trust, in EnerSys. 

2023 POEMS® User Group Meeting

One noteworthy accomplishment in 2023 is that we completed our first POEMS® User Group Meeting. In early November, we held our first in-person software user meeting where we discussed upcoming POEMS® features for CRM Suite, and gathered direct input and feedback from attendees.

This served as a wonderful opportunity to interact with our users, strengthen existing relationships, and cultivate new ones. We’re already working on our 2024 User Group Meeting, currently scheduled to take place November 5-7, 2024. Based on some of the event feedback we gathered, we have extended the length of the meeting to include demonstrations and help desks for attendees. 

2024 UGM 1

If you would like to engage in discussions on our roadmap, best practices, and network with industry peers, be sure to mark the date on your calendars!

The Growing EnerSys Team

Sara-Kate Pirnik


We also welcomed Sara-Kate Pirnik to the EnerSys family in 2023 as our Business Development Coordinator. Sara-Kate is already engaging with both current and potential EnerSys accounts, providing outstanding client support and account management. She has also added value to our organization by working closely with our team to streamline and optimize internal processes.

Looking forward to 2024, Sara-Kate will be leading the charge towards monthly and quarterly interactions with each of our customers, and an enhanced level of communication around new software releases, regulatory impacts, training opportunities, and overall value delivery.

Software+Services = Solutions for Control Room Management in 2023

EnerSys had an exceptional year offering software and services for control rooms all over the country. Not only did we have the opportunity to impact industry with our tried and true solutions, we also enhanced our offerings to provide additional value and reach new market segments. 

Natural Compliance for Control Room Operations

ComplyMgr, CRM Program Development, and CRM Suite

We are grateful for all of our customers, both new and existing, who have engaged with us in either implementing new, or maturing existing, solution to optimize their approach to Control Room Management. Our focus is on providing value through a well-planned implementation timeline that takes into account your control room resources and your goals as we pursue CRM Program maturity. In this regard, it is always our goal to support your operation with the development of a tailored Control Room Management program that aligns with your budget, existing safety programs, and compliance posture.

Over the last year our team worked with multiple operators to develop an excellent policy and procedural foundation for their Control Room Management Program. Using our ComplyMgr software, we have helped a variety of operators, from greenfield projects to multiple control rooms, meet regulatory expectations and account for operator specific assets and facilities. 

In addition, a number of operators added the POEMS CRM Suite to their control room. This suite of tools helped operators implement what was written in their policy, and provides controllers, control room managers, and compliance personnel a singular and holistic resource for all control room management needs.

PDAC | Plan Do Check Adjust

Combined, ComplyMgr, CRM Program Development, and CRM Suite has enabled operators to implement a Plan, Do, Check, Act/Adjust approach for continuous improvement to their Control Room Management Programs. This is the key to Natural Compliance, Pipeline Safety, and Operational Effectiveness. Not only have these solutions made many things easier through automation, report generation, and guided workflows, but we have also been able to help operators communicate a sense of professionalism around their CRM Program to PHMSA and State auditors. This helps build trust that the operator is taking CRM seriously, especially when records are all in one location and readily available.

For our new and existing customers, we look forward to helping you optimize your use of the tools you have, and expand your use of our solutions to tackle new challenges and achieve your goals in 2024.

Compliance Support (Ongoing)

A number of customers engaged us in our CRM Compliance Support and CRM Compliance Facilitator Programs in 2023. Ensuring ongoing compliance is paramount, and these programs are designed to support ongoing CRM implementation by spacing out and performing compliance activity over the course of the year. Our goal is to drive the successful implementation of a thorough and compliant CRM program. In addition, our SMEs have worked to equip control room teams with knowledge and skills to take ownership over their CRM Programs over time. 

Audit Support

In 2023, our Audit Support Services proved invaluable to multiple clients, helping refine processes and instilling confidence in their ability to satisfy PHMSA and state requirements. This service, combined with our ComplyMgr, and CRM Suite supports ensures there are no surprises in audit experience. Customers utilizing Audit Support in 2023 had zero findings!

PHMSA Enforcement Actions Series: EnerSys Blog

Throughout the year, our commitment to providing control room teams the tools they need to be successful through education has been evident in our blog series covering PHMSA Enforcement Action findings and potential solutions. We plan to continue this series in the next year, offering insights into findings from 2023 and providing solutions to guide our readers on their journey to Natural Compliance.

Looking Ahead to 2024

For us, the journey towards Natural Compliance remains a focal point, and in the coming year, we look forward to engaging more operators in their control rooms. We are also excited to lean into Operational Effectiveness and what that means for the control rooms of the future. 

In closing, we express our sincere gratitude for your continued partnership and trust in EnerSys. As we turn the page to 2024, we eagerly anticipate the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead, confident in our collective ability to navigate them successfully. Connect with us now to discuss your goals for the new year to discover the ways that EnerSys can help you achieve them. 

Wishing you a joyous holiday season and a prosperous New Year.

The EnerSys Team