Muddy Boots Online delivers a software toolkit that can integrate control room and field operations in pipeline operations

Integrate Control Room and Field Operations Through Muddy Boots Online

One of the primary challenges for pipeline operators is managing the connection between the pipeline control room and field operations. What field personnel are seeing in the field may or may not be accurately represented on pipeline SCADA HMI screens in the control room.

We have taken steps to bridge this gap for pipeline operators through a new partnership with Muddy Boots Online, the provider of an integrated software platform specifically designed to support operations.

The Muddy Boots toolset creates synergy between the control room and field operations by establishing a clear connection and clear line of sight from the control room to the field.

The toolset works in conjunction with the CRMgr software module in our POEMS™ software suite as a way to generate requests to the field and to give field personnel the tools they need to work the requests and provide feedback to the control room.

These validations and exchanges are recorded in the software as control room and field personnel perform their tasks. Then, managers and supervisors can validate activity or follow up on activity to ensure that both sides have a clear understanding of what’s happening in the field and what is being presented to controllers in the control room.

Advantages of Utilizing the Muddy Boots Online Toolset

Many operators start off using multiple pieces of software to support various aspects of pipeline operations. We are aligned with Muddy Boots in believing that it’s best to use one piece of software to handle many facets of your operation to achieve efficiencies, increase reliability, and reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO).

Consider the benefits of utilizing an integrated platform for control room and field operations:

  • All data is in one place, increasing data accuracy and saving you time.
  • All personnel are using the same software, saving you effort.
  • You can achieve line of sight into all areas, making operations visible.
  • Requests and feedback can be tracked in real-time, enabling informed decision-making.

Specific Activity Included in the Muddy Boots Toolset

Utilizing the Muddy Boots Online software platform, operators can manage field data collection and activity reporting in one system. Operators can choose from 400+ predefined forms to capture data and present the data to the control room. Operators can also schedule specific field activity that is communicated back to the control room.

Some of the additional features the operators can leverage in the connection between the field and control room include:

  • Mobile capability for field personnel to enter data with no Internet connection required.
  • Dashboards to see what needs to be done and hasn’t been done.
  • Ability to add photos and attachments from the field.
  • Automatic creation of corrective actions.
  • Ability to customize activities that fit specific needs.

Using the platform will help reduce phone calls to and from the field to validate activity, save your team effort and time by storing data in one location, and increase the reliability of records that are produced.

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Schedule an Educational Demo of Muddy Boots Online

We are in the process of scheduling educational demos of Muddy Boots Online with existing EnerSys customers.

– For EnerSys customers that are currently using our CRMgr software module, we will show you how to gain the most benefit from utilizing CRMgr and the Muddy Boots toolset to manage the connection between the control room and the field.

– For EnerSys customers that are not currently using CRMgr, this is the ideal time to add CRMgr and the Muddy Boots toolset to support the connection between the control room and the field. Through an educational demo, we will show you how to take advantage of this opportunity.

Not a current EnerSys customer? We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss your current use of pipeline operations software. We’ll help you identify ways to optimize operations and reduce TCO through our industry-leading software platform, POEMS.

To schedule an educational demo or consultation with our team, call us at 281-598-7100 and ask for Dale Schafer or Ross Adams. Alternatively, complete our contact form or email us directly at