EnerSys Corporation offers POEMS ComplyMgr and POEMS CRM Suite to support pipeline operations excellence for pipeline operators and regulatory managers

How We Facilitate Operations Excellence for Pipeline Operators

Earlier this year, we introduced our newest software module, POEMS ComplyMgr, to help pipeline operators and regulatory managers simplify the PHMSA compliance process.

ComplyMgr complements our existing pipeline control room software suite, POEMS Control Room Management Suite (POEMS CRM Suite), to form a comprehensive set of tools that help operators achieve operations excellence and compliance assurance.

By utilizing the capabilities of ComplyMgr and the CRM Suite, operators can prepare for a PHMSA audit of their entire operation as well as the pipeline control room. This combination of software tools represents the best opportunity to:

  • Enhance pipeline operations effectiveness.
  • Establish policies and procedures to operate safely.
  • Comply with changing government regulations.
  • Simplify compliance with the PHMSA CRM Rule.
  • Learn, grow, and continuously improve operations.
  • Reduce total cost of ownership and achieve ROI.

Why POEMS ComplyMgr to Support PHMSA Compliance?

When your operation receives notice from PHMSA that you are being scheduled for an audit, what is your immediate reaction? For many operators and regulatory managers, there is a sense of concern about needing to gather appropriate documentation to validate activity and satisfy the audit.

Specifically, you need to be prepared to answer these questions:

  • Does “what we say we will do” in our Policy & Procedures comply with what the PHMSA requires?
  • Does our implementation and recordkeeping follow through with what we said we were going to do in our Policy & Procedures?
  • Have we addressed all the latest notices, advisory bulletins, and rulemakings?
  • Are we confident about our current compliance state?
  • Have we identified areas of risk in our program?
  • Are we ready to answer PHMSA’s audit questions?
  • Can we pass the audit without findings?

With ComplyMgr, we sought to provide you with confidence to answer “yes” to all of these questions.

ComplyMgr automates compliance management, provides a single source for all relevant program documents, includes the latest PHMSA notices and advisory bulletins, and preloads the latest pipeline safety regulations, FAQ’s, inspection questions, and industry standards.

Then, you can prove that “you are doing what you said you would do,” and ultimately pass a PHMSA audit.

Watch this video of ComplyMgr in action.

Why POEMS CRM Suite to Support the Control Room?

The strength of the POEMS software platform is that all of our software modules are fully integrated to share, access, and retrieve records. No more having to waste valuable time or effort copying records from one separate tool to another tool.

ComplyMgr integrates with the POEMS CRM Suite to provide “natural compliance” in the control room. What does this look like? Primarily, the CRM Suite centralizes and organizes all records required for conformance to the PHMSA Control Room Management Rule (CRM Rule).

The result is that when it’s time for an inspection of the control room, your operation will be able to validate that the implementation of your policies and procedures is adequate and compliant.

We built the CRM Suite to provide 360 degrees of support for control room compliance. Each of our modules supports a specific area of CRM Rule compliance:

  • CRMgr: Intuitive logging, shift handover, and reporting tool to comply with recordkeeping and reporting requirements.
  • ALMgr: Industry-leading method to manage the pipeline alarm rationalization process and to provide efficient and effective alarm analysis.
  • FatigueMgr: Schedule hours, respond to potential HOS deviations, and monitor workload to ensure controllers can safely respond to alarms.
  • PointMgr: Verify and document communication between pipeline control and field automation.

The compelling aspect of our software offering is the interoperability of the modules. ComplyMgr, the CRM Suite, and our other software tools share data, create accurate records, and produce complete reports to satisfy the full scope of a PHMSA inspection or audit.

The result for operators is pipeline operations excellence.

Schedule a Demo of POEMS ComplyMgr & CRM Suite

Our goal with ComplyMgr and the CRM Suite is to help operators continuously operate safely, in compliance with relevant regulations, and with the ability to validate activity during an audit.

To find out more about how we can help pipeline operators and regulatory managers achieve your objectives, contact us today to schedule an educational demo of our software.

During the demo, we will review the full features of our software modules and present information on how our software can support specific areas in your operation. We want to help you take advantage of our full suite of software tools to achieve operations excellence.

To schedule a demo, contact our VP of Business Development Dale Schafer directly at dschafer@enersyscorp.com. Or, call us at 281-598-7100.