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Optimizing Emergency Response Through Alarm Management

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optimizing emergency response through alarm management

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Optimize Emergency Response

Control room managers wrestle with a common question – how many alarms are too many? And, will controllers be able to retain situational awareness when supporting emergency response?

Here is a different way of thinking about this common issue: it’s about the quality of the alarm analysis and rationalization, not the number of logs generated in your system.

In this whitepaper presented at the API Pipeline Conference and Control Room Forum, EnerSys CEO Russel Treat provides valuable information for pipeline operators and control room managers on how to optimize emergency response through an effective alarm management program.

Why Download the Whitepaper?

  • Understand the difference between alarm response and emergency response.
  • Understand how to optimize your alarm management program.
  • Understand how to better support both alarm and emergency response.
  • Understand how to identify actions to take during emergency response.

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