Effective Controller Scheduling - White Paper

Effective Control Room Scheduling to Maintain Operations

Control room managers face the challenge of crafting shift schedules that adhere to fatigue mitigation requirements while promoting business continuity and personnel satisfaction. The complexity is magnified by outdated tools in use, dating back to the CRM Rule’s inception over a decade ago.

Key Focus Areas:

Our white paper delves into the pivotal aspects shaping the control room of the future—operational effectiveness, pipeline safety, and Natural Compliance. The paper explores:

Robust Fatigue Mitigation Plan (Policy): Addressing the critical challenge of fatigue management to prioritize personnel well-being while sustaining operational efficiency.

Control Room Management specific software tools: Tailored solutions for controller scheduling, deviation management, workload analysis, and record retention, ensuring a streamlined and compliant operational environment.

Importance of Compliance: The consequences of disregarding the CRM Rule are outlined, emphasizing safety issues and exposing pipeline operators to operational risks. Conversely, achieving compliance without considering scheduling stability can strain operations and stress operators.

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