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We are a member of the AVEVA Partner Network as a Registered System Integrator. Through our partnership with AVEVA, EnerSys has developed a POEMS® CRM Suite integration with AVEVA Enterprise SCADA (formerly OASyS DNA), streamlining how existing AVEVA Enterprise SCADA customers access the capabilities of the CRM Suite.

The CRM Suite enables control rooms to perform tasks and retain records in compliance with Pipeline Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) control room management regulations (CRM Rule) described in 49 CFR 192.631 and 195.446.

POEMS CRM Suite improves a pipeline controller’s situational awareness, meets all requirements of API 1168 Pipeline Control Room Management and API 1167 Pipeline Alarm Management, and documents all control room activities required by the CRM Rule, providing a single source of easily-searched document storage to ensure that documentation is always available for the CRM audit.

Many pipeline operators currently use AVEVA Enterprise SCADA to support real-time pipeline operations. Our designation as an AVEVA Systems Integrator formalizes our partnership with AVEVA to support the control room needs of our customers who use their products:

  • Hours of Service
  • Shift Handover
  • Electronic Logbooks
  • Fatigue Mitigation
  • Alarm Management
  • Point to Point Verification

Our technology team can provide your operation with direct integrations between the CRM Suite and AVEVA Enterprise SCADA so that your team can securely capture and share control room data. Plus, our off-the-shelf CRM Suite is deployable in standard IT environments to increase the speed of integration.

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