End Telephone Tag in the Pipeline Control Room with Integrated Software Tools

One of the most challenging tasks for a pipeline control room manager is supporting the connection between controllers and field operations personnel. Because of the historically siloed nature of pipeline operations, there is ample room for disconnects and misunderstandings if communication is overlooked, especially when it comes to alarm response.

If your control room has been negatively impacted by too many games of telephone tag that require controllers to leave messages for field personnel asking about alarms they’re seeing on their console, then it’s time to consider a solution that will streamline control room activity and enhance communication.

Our solution is utilizing the Muddy Boots all-in-one field operations platform with our POEMS® Control Room Management software suite (CRM Suite). This set of integrated tools supports direct communication between the control room and field, which reduces distractions and enables controls to stay focused on critical tasks supporting alarm response. Best of all, no more telephone tag.

How Muddy Boots Support the Pipeline Control Room

The CRM Suite integration with Muddy Boots allows each console operator in the control room to push alarm investigation callouts directly to the field. Whenever there is an alert or notification on their HMI display, the controller can quickly communicate with field personnel to follow up on what they are seeing.

Then, the field technician is notified about the callout and can relay updates specific to the request. No more confusion about the work to be performed in the field.

Additionally, the pipeline operator receives immediate console feedback when a resource is assigned to the work order in Muddy Boots. At a glance, operators have access to a log of all outstanding callouts, along with links to the Muddy Boots work orders. It’s a very organized and efficient process from the control room perspective.

From the field perspective, the assigned field technician can view notes from the controller and respond accordingly from their smart device. All communication is organized and tracked without having to call back and forth trying to reach the other side. Notes about the issue, as well as the final completion status, are logged in Muddy Boots and shared in the CRM Suite.

Back at the console, the controller can see changes to the work order status, along with the field notes. When the work order is completed, the controller will confirm that the alarm has been resolved and close the callout. The full details of the callout — and its resolution — are time stamped in the console log.

The recordkeeping aspect is especially critical for PHMSA CRM Rule audit purposes. The work happens and recordkeeping happens naturally in the background. There is no additional “unnatural step” required. Your control room always remains in Natural Compliance.

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Additional Features of the Muddy Boots Toolkit

The Muddy Boots platform provides control room managers and other decision-makers with the tools they need to support safe and efficient operations. Consider the added features, functionality, and capabilities of the software that serve the needs of your operation:

  • Documentation of Management of Change (MOCs).
  • Configurable notifications, approvals, and workflows.
  • Ability to set up multiple approval levels for the work to be completed.
  • Support setting up workflows for who should be doing what (defined roles & responsibilities).
  • Ability to share SCADA topology diagrams both internally and externally to facilitate troubleshooting.
  • Implement corrective action by reviewing the results of control room call-outs and responses from the field.
  • Access to real-time visibility of activity between the control room and field to make informed decisions.

We provide operational leaders with a comprehensive solution to manage the connection between the control room and field operations. No more ambiguity. No more miscommunication. No more gaps that could lead to safety issues.

Schedule a Demo of the Muddy Boots Software

We encourage you to schedule an educational software demo of Muddy Boots. We’ll show you how the software enables control room personnel to initiate call-outs, MOCs, and work orders from the control room, track responses from the field, and record activity.

We’ll also show you the dashboards that provide supervisors with real-time visibility into activity so that you can stay on top of critical tasks to be performed.

– To schedule a demo tailored to your operation, call us at 281-598-7100 to speak directly with our team. Ask for EnerSys General Manager Ross Adams or VP Business Development Dale Schafer. You can also email sales@enersyscorp.com or complete our website contact form to set up your demo. We look forward to supporting your operation.