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Pipeliners Podcast: Russel Treat Profiled in Pipeline & Gas Journal

For the second consecutive month, EnerSys CEO Russel Treat had a featured article in Pipeline & Gas Journal (P&GJ).

– In the February 2020 edition, Russel wrote an industry article detailing a new approach to SCADA for modern pipeline operations.

– In the March 2020 edition, P&GJ published a full-length interview with Russel on the growth of the Pipeliners Podcast.

Inside the Growth of the Pipeliners Podcast

In 2017, Russel Treat started a podcast for pipeline professionals. The mission was simple: education through conversation.

The Q&A with Russel in the March 2020 edition of Pipeline & Gas Journal goes into the mission of the Pipeliners Podcast to deliver information, resources, and knowledge to pipeliners to help them grow in their careers.

Before podcasts, this information was mainly accessed at conferences and industry trade shows. Now, thanks to advances in technology, the same knowledge transfer happens weekly and in an easy-to-access format.

Over the past two-and-a-half years of podcasting, Russel has brought on dozens of industry experts to share their knowledge of pipeline-related topics.

Because of the format, the consistent weekly delivery of episodes, and high-quality guests, the podcast has experienced tremendous growth through 100+ episodes.

– We encourage you to read the full Executive Profile on Russel Treat and the Pipeliners Podcast in the digital edition and print edition of the March 2020 Pipeline & Gas Journal.