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EnerSys Customers: Are You Using All of the Tools Available To You?

A successful audit begins well before the actual audit takes place. It starts during slower periods such as the summer or after the most recent audit is completed. That’s when important work can be done to prepare for the next audit.

The important work to prepare for an audit includes:

  • Reviewing policies and procedures to ensure alignment with regulations.
  • Gathering feedback from personnel about whether they are following policies and procedures.
  • Developing an action plan to change attitudes, behaviors, and actions that support a safety culture.
  • Understanding whether you are getting the most out of your pipeline software tools to support critical areas in your operation.

For current EnerSys customers, we want to ensure that you are maximizing your investment in the POEMS CRM Suite to support operations.

Consider taking inventory of your current usage of our software modules to see whether you need to take additional steps to get the most value from the software.

Is Your Team Adequately Trained on the Pipeline Software Tools?

The first step to understand whether you are getting the most value from the POEMS CRM Suite is reviewing team usage.

Perhaps you recently onboarded new personnel, expanded operations to a new location, or brought in a new supervisor for the control room. You may need follow-up training to ensure the entire team at each location has full understanding of the POEMS CRM Suite modules.

We want to ensure that all users and stakeholders understand how to use the software, what the purpose of the software is, and why the software is ideal for supporting critical areas of pipeline operations to ultimately drive toward regulatory compliance, safety, and operational effectiveness.

Our team is readily available to provide this hands-on support for your team to ensure universal buy-in and complete understanding of how to utilize the software to support their roles.

Are You Using Each Software Module?

We often hear from EnerSys customers that they were not completely aware of all the functionality and features available to them in the POEMS CRM Suite.

The CRM software suite includes dynamic modules and tools that we spent countless resources developing to support high-performance pipeline control. We want to make sure you are utilizing these resources.

Consider some of the underutilized tools that would instantly add value to your pipeline software investment:

Our goal is to ensure that each customer is comfortable with the tools available to them to maximize the value of the purchased software.

Perhaps the first step for your operation is reviewing the software modules and the tools that you currently use. Then, let’s talk about introducing new tools into your process for managing critical areas of pipeline operations.

Take Advantage of Compliance, Consulting & Software Support

Our goal is for EnerSys customers to take advantage of the full scope of software and services that we offer.

Our industry-leading software is the mechanism that manages necessary aspects of pipeline operations. To get to the point of effectively using the software, though, we provide training, policy and procedure reviews, and accountability support for the control room and overall operation.

Through this compelling combination of compliance, consulting, and pipeline software, we help operators achieve regulatory compliance to pass their audit, while also supporting safe operations that simultaneously achieves business objectives.

Make sure you are supporting each critical area of pipeline operations by utilizing each resource available to you.

To review your current usage of the POEMS CRM Suite and to discuss potential training or compliance support, contact Ross Adams, our regulatory and software support lead, at You can also call the EnerSys customer support line directly at 281-598-7100.

Ross Adams is readily available to discuss your current and future needs to maximize the value of your investment in our pipeline software tools.