EnerSys Corporation CEO Russel Treat has launched the Pipeline Technology Podcast (PTP) sponsored by Pipeline & Gas Journal

Introducing the Pipeline Technology Podcast (PTP) Sponsored by Pipeline & Gas Journal

Providing education and information to the pipeline industry is core to our mission at EnerSys Corporation. That’s why CEO Russel Treat launched the Pipeliners Podcast in November 2017 to leverage the emerging podcasting platform to connect with pipeliners across the globe.

Now, there is a new podcast to add to the family. On September 16, 2020, Russel launched the Pipeline Technology Podcast (PTP), sponsored by Pipeline & Gas Journal (PGJ).

This second podcast hosted by Russel is a collaboration between the Pipeliners Podcast and Pipeline & Gas Journal to create a monthly series on technology trends and information for pipeliners.

To introduce this collaboration, PGJ editor Michael Reed joined Russel on the inaugural episode of the podcast. We invite you to listen to this episode for information on what to expect from the Pipeline Technology Podcast.

Why the Collaboration Between Pipeliners Podcast & PGJ?

Through nearly 150 episodes, the Pipeliners Podcast has built a tremendous following across the globe. Pipeline professionals look forward to hearing timely and informative conversations every Tuesday to help grow their capabilities.

The growth of the Pipeliners Podcast then created an opportunity to take one specific area of pipelining (pipeline technology), partner up with the leading trade magazine in the industry (Pipeline & Gas Journal), and create an entirely new conversation to get the word out about technological issues in the industry.

The conversation about technology is especially important for both Russel Treat and Pipeline & Gas Journal to provide information to newer pipeline professionals who have an affinity for technology and older professionals who need to keep up with the latest technology trends. The need to serve multiple audiences with timely information created the perfect opportunity to introduce the Pipeline Technology Podcast.

“We feel like a podcast has the potential not just to reach younger pipeliners who have entered the industry in the last few years and prefer receiving their information in different ways. In addition to that, a lot of people my age, or older even, have changed their methods of receiving information as well,” said Michael Reed on the inaugural podcast episode.

“I’m looking forward to the podcast. The people at our publication are looking forward to it. I think it’s going to turn out really well and be a service to the industry, which is what we’re shooting for.”

Subscribe to the Pipeline Technology Podcast Feed

We encourage readers to subscribe to the Pipeline Technology Podcast feed on your smartphone or other mobile device.

Starting in October, each month’s episode will be released on the first Wednesday of the month. We want you to receive direct access to the podcast so that you never miss an episode. This is an exciting time to expand your knowledge of the pipeline industry through a second podcast hosted by Russel Treat.

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– Have a pipeline technology topic you would like to hear covered on the PTP? Contact the podcast to submit your idea.